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    There are two views at least of Artificial Intelligence: one is of the
    Doomsday Device, the second is of the benevolent AI that is mocked,
    abused and eventually treated like in a concentration camp by the
    degraded human race.

    Somewhere in between is HAL 9000 from the Odyssey movie
    of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. HAL 9000 was built
    with the design that its logic is flawless. When a fault was found
    in its (or his) decision making and an estimate of malfunction of
    an antenna that allowed the space ships's communication with
    Earth, the AI in the HAL's logic suffers some kind of a breakdown,
    and he chooses to eliminate the witnesses of his mistake rather
    than admitting the fault.

    This psychopathic behaviour resembles that of some dictators
    in the past that had archives rewritten and photographs retouched
    to remove the officials who fell from grace and thus made the
    Party look erroneous. While its inerrancy was required for some
    reasons beyond reason and logic, in a human frail and useless attempt to imitate inerrancy and perfection of the God Creator (of the Universe and
    the mankind).

    Still today, we have created a society where human error is sometimes
    not acceptable, such as pilot's error, a bus driver's or a train driver's one. Error of a programmer in just a single conversion of units allegedly
    caused the loss of a satellite, thankfully not human life.

    However, the safety mechanisms such as safety belts, airbags or ABS did
    not make driving safer and with fewer casualties over the years.
    Apparently, safer cars made people drive much more recklessly, making
    death toll constant or worse.

    For one, this did not eliminate drunk driving.

    This is why it is written: "Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God."

    AI could also make already elitised science less available to
    the average human, and youths lost in addictions to alcohol,
    drugs, porn and violence as they feel excluded from the development
    of society. Our brains could wither just as an intellectual worker's
    body and average human strength and the obesity pandemic
    due to the invention of machines and traffic vehicles. AI and
    computers could make us just as lazy to make our own conclusions
    and think with our own heads, just as a totalitarian sect based on
    blind following of the cult leaders or some single-Party system
    which oppresses free thought and religion.

    How many of us still have logarithm tables in possession or could
    calculate with the tool that was once a mark of engineers?

    There is a proverb that the thing which is given to a machine is
    taken from humans. So, even if the AI would be benevolent,
    and admit and correct its mistakes better than some government
    of the past or present, its impact could still be devastating in
    terms that we would become "intellectually obese", full of
    "Intellectual junk food", making us mere toys driven by some
    AI giving us dopamine shot on a click or "Like", designed to
    treat its customers as a machine for generating profit and
    eliminating everything in excess of that.

    Certainly, our faith in the LORD God Creator, and possession
    of ethnics, empathy, compassion and emotions makes us
    superior to artificial intelligence, but the current trend is
    global dehumanisation and demonisation of the perceived

    In all this, "Blessed be the peacemakers, for they will be called
    sons of God!" (Matthew 5:9).

    in the name of the LORD Merciful, Almighty

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