• On Holistic Science and Technology

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    There was an idea and long-sought discussion on how the world
    should continue in sustainable development and the technology
    could be made clean and also karmically neutral.

    Science and technology made by demonic, lost persons,
    without intelligence makes useless, terrifying deeds devoted
    to the destruction of the world (quote: Bhagavad Gita commentary
    by Srila Prabhupada swami).

    A guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, also said that imparting education
    and intelligence to unbelievers and people of demonic nature
    in the realm of darkness only creates more dangerous demons,
    rather than making them ethical, compassionate or empathetic.

    Technology developed by the atheist and demonic people
    and scientists arguably brings only more evil and bad karma
    to this world, equally through pollution, alienation of humans
    from their purpose and nature, and through reduced biodiversity and
    extinction of species that are being sacrificed for "Progress".
    Apparently, this is bringing us closer to Midnight on the Doomsday
    Clock than ever before and with fewer people than ever caring for
    such a warning from truth-seeking uncompromised scientists
    and theologians alike. (But in this as of Paul said in Romans 2:14-15,
    there are believers who are hypocrites and heathens and atheists
    who execute God's Laws by themselves, witnessing that the
    Law of the LORD is written in their hearts by their Creator.
    The heathens and atheists who fulfill the Ten Commandments
    by their morals and ethics will judge the alleged believers who
    do not and transgress the Law - Romans 2:27. The atheist
    physicist warning against the nuclear Holocaust might be
    considered more righteous than a Patriarch advocating such
    an outcome for defence of his fatherland.)

    However, cleansing of the bad karma associated with modern
    technology only appears to encourage ways of destruction,
    and invention and production of more products, like plastics
    made of crude oil, and weapons aimed to total annihilation
    of human life.

    This is described in the parable of the prophet Daniel of the Four Beasts.
    The Fourth Beast had power greater than the others, and devoured
    the whole earth, trampling what it couldn't devour under its feet
    for the sake of trampling it.

    The Fourth Beast was murdered (Daniel 7:11), but the
    remaining three beasts (Lion with eagle's wings, Leopard
    and Bear) were prolonged their life for a time and half a time,
    but they were stripped of their power to destroy mankind, forever.

    The world will no longer live a minute and a half to Midnight on the
    Doomsday Clock, under a "Plutonium Cathedral", the rule of the
    superpowers who compete in their capacity and power to destroy all Life,
    as a measure of Justice.

    Probably in the Millenium Kingdom, all technology will be purified
    and made harmonic with Nature, until it is finally obsoleted, as
    men will spiritually ascend and travel like angels in spirit.

    But before comes the ascension of the Beast 666 from the Abyss,
    with the False Prophet and Antichrist, and "Lamb with two horns"
    who looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon, and exercises
    the power of the Beast in its presence (Revelation 13), causing
    everyone who will not accept the Mark of the Beast not to be
    able to buy or sell, and later also to be executed for the sole
    reason of not accepting the Seal of the Beast.

    The Beast will persecute LORD's Witnesses who will disclose
    its nature to the world, causing the Great Apostasy, together with
    anyone believing in the LORD God Creator of the Universe,
    Lamb of God, spirit or angel, or any power higher than himself
    or called holy or sacred (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

    The Beast will wage the war against the Saints of the LORD
    and overcome, until the LORD discerns Justice and judges
    justice for the Saints. Then the Lamb and the elect saints will
    wage war on the Beast and then the seven bowls of God's wrath
    will be poured on Earth and the Beast and its throne.

    Eventually, the Beast and everyone who accepts its Mark will
    be condemned and thrown into the lake that burns with fire
    and sulfur (Revelation 19:20).

    in the name of the LORD Merciful, Almighty

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