• Abortion, Again

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 12 01:19:09 2023
    I do not see why should I consider the wisdom of women and girls who
    consider the life of an unborn child not more than a pimple that can be
    safely surgically removed (at the expense of believing tax payers).

    I do not think such women and girls could (unrepented) have the
    wisdom or gift of the Holy Spirit of God, so their authority will be in
    the realm of witchcraft, control, manipulation, and domination.

    Which women and girls use to psychologically abuse a person,
    just as a man can kill with a fist or weapon, but they are persistent
    until the victim's desired suicide or self-harm.

    I don't think that for a woman or girl with the Spirit of God it is
    impossible to see unborn life in any other terms but the holiness
    and sanctity of all life from conception to the natural death
    (excluding the abortion, euthanasia, and "Mercy killing" of
    equally elderly, terminally ill, suffering or animals).

    in the name of the Merciful, Almighty

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