• The Red Button

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 22 11:46:01 2023
    I heard Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov speaking how the Russians will press
    the red button so the superpowers would cancel out each other,
    so he would naturally as a good Muslim end in Paradise with 70
    virgins, while his enemies would end up in Hell fire.

    Not so quickly, though.

    The man is made in the image of God, and he who murders a man
    out of cold blood or with preconception (mass murder one) would
    have to render life for life. This time his eternal life.

    But for some of the people in the mankind who are not saints,
    the man who took their lives and everything they strived for their
    entire life with their children and beloved would have to pay more
    than simply stop to exist in the eternal, "second death", to stop
    existing even like a spirit, without Purgatory, reincarnation, resurrection, let alone Paradise and 70 virgins as a martyr.

    Dante would probably say he'd go to the newly constructed levels of
    Hell first: those who give false hope in the ninth circle would surely
    condemn nuclear holocaust of the entire humanity.

    The person who pushes the red button would have to endure the sum
    of pain of the entire mankind first. But if he is of carnal nature, suffering would only make him more hateful, bitter and resentful just as Satan
    who cannot mend or correct himself any longer.

    This means that there would be no end for such painful punishment,
    for the man who pushed the red button would grow more and more
    hardened in evil just like a criminal in a maximum security prison.
    Most of them get out worse off than when they entered, which
    makes all human penal system ineffective.

    Such person would have to get the forgiveness of all people he
    had destroyed, but the likes of him would never forgive.
    The old man's nature seeks payment for what they've done to us
    and doesn't see or hate the wrong that we do to others.

    Such nature cannot go to Paradise or Heaven, for it would turn it
    into Hell.

    For it would be impractical to keep Hell for eternity, such souls
    will eventually stop reincarnating even as demons, evil spirits,
    ghosts or shadows, for at least in Bhagavad Gita they all have
    the chance to reincarnate, find a credible, truthful teacher,
    and get the knowledge of God Creator and faith in Christ.

    Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov's faith and religion is worthless, he thinks
    that the greatest Muslim is the greatest tyrant, the greatest womanizer, and the greatest bully - no place for such in Paradise, not even in Islam.

    He is ready to send his countrymen to fight war that isn't theirs,
    commit evil haram and add to the debt of his ancestors instead of
    mending it, all to keep his lucrative position and chair instead of
    seeking enlightenment and faith worthy of Paradise or Heaven
    close to the God Almighty Creator.

    In other words, Mr. Kadyrov would "rather rule in Hell than to serve
    in Paradise", just like his masters who pull his strings.

    in the name of the LORD Merciful, Almighty

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