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    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 20 00:33:42 2023
    Being smart is not always wise.

    I came to think that if I was more intelligent, they'd only get rid of me sooner and in a more unpleasant and disgraceful way.

    Being wise may mean keeping one's standards and values and keeping
    his head on his shoulders under some dictator or tyrant, or oppressive
    system with capital punishment for verbal delict.

    Sometimes, however, very wise people could only emigrate or end up
    in gulags or crematoriums.

    It is not commonly said that the Jews were not the only victims of
    the holocaust, but also the Poles and the Russians.

    Sometimes their only crime was that they were born of the wrong
    nationality or religion on a territory someone imagined to be their Lebensraum.

    in the Lord

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  • From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 20 03:24:09 2023
    In light of this, driving 250,000 people from their grandfather's homes
    in the 1990s may seem like the justified thing to do because they were insurgents, and those who oppose it may be labeled as insane or psychotic.

    Or maybe driven to that.

    But the other view is that killing 80-year-old grannies that are not military target was an unprocessed war crime, and driving 250,000 people out of their native habitat in a "humane resettlement" may be a form of ethnic cleansing,
    at least.

    But discussing these things in the "democratic" member of the EU where I
    live may lead one to more problems than even Dr. Viktor Frankl might be able to handle.

    At the time, driving them out might seem as a good alternative to what might happen
    if Croats got them all captive.

    Right now I cannot tell that this is for sure, but returning them back to those areas would be the right thing to do, even when these areas are now wastelands with no population except a handful of resettled Croats, without industry or economy or infrastructure.

    Mainstream politics are more likely to discourage the remaining ones
    from staying than investing in the housing, environment, and jobs of those
    who might choose to return?

    But the abuse and discrimination on behalf of Croats is very subtle and, officially, "it is not happening". People who notice it or object to it are
    at best "partially sane" (statement of the former president about the war veteran Milan Levar who witnessed against Croatian war crimes, but was
    blasted in the assassination by an explosive device).

    in the Lord

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