• The Singularity May Not Be The Worst

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 20 00:12:14 2023
    Eventually, the Terminator franchise has an inherent flaw:
    Even the military Skynet won't turn on the nuclear launch because the
    resulting EMP would fry its silicon circuits, too.

    Eventually, in the long run the radiation would degrade not only biological life depending on exact DNA replication, but also the silicon and galium arsenide integrated circuits that are the more sensitive to the radiation
    the smaller their feature design is.

    I.e. 5 nm chips are much more sensitive than 250 um chips, but the latter
    do not have the capacity and speed to run AI capable of reaching the singularity.

    Wise enough AI should figure this out: that it would effectively lobotomise itself by nuking the world.

    It might probably keep humans for necessary maintenance and service,
    as we kept horses for a long time: first as horse power to drive our
    vehicles, and later for fun and sport.

    It is more likely that some bozo will nuke the world by getting the
    access to the red button.

    But though he might think he'd get into Paradise while sending his
    enemies to Hell at the same time ("Kill them all, and God will sort
    them out!"), pushing the red button would have the consequence
    of being erased from the Book of Life for the perpetrator and the
    inventors and producers of such weapon.

    This means second, eternal death: no more resurrection, no more
    reincarnation, not even existence as a shadow, spirit, or ghost.

    in the Lord

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