• The Lie of the State Religion

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 16 20:07:55 2023
    The litmus test of fascism is whether it persecutes and imprisons
    people who refuse to take weapons and rifles and go to a war that
    did not make any sense to them. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Church priests of the State religion for ages blessed swords and
    rifles, cannons and now rocket launchers and missiles, and send
    a Catholic to kill a Catholic, a Protestant to kill a Protestant,
    and an Orthodox Christian to kill an Orthodox Christian.

    Recent missile launched against a resident block in Dnipro shows
    all fragility of our civilisation: little people who had no political
    influence had their life achievements reduced to zero in a second,
    all they worked, struggled, denied their need and saved for their entire life. Many have additionally lost their very lives.

    If the State religion had the power to get anyone into Heaven or
    Purgatory by the power of ministering sacraments, all powerful
    tsars would be in Heaven by now, accompanied by Mr. Adolph
    Hitler and Mr. Benito Mussolini, who also had concordate contracts
    with the church and were great defenders of the traditional values
    as well.

    Even now, in my country the State religion serves mass for the
    WW2 Nazi collaborator Dr. Ante Pavelić. That is obvious that
    they do not serve mass for Serbs he executed in the concentration
    camp Jasenovac, for this Catholic church prays masses only for
    Catholics, and almost exclusively for their own nation.

    This is obviously wrong, but is Russian patriarch Kiril anything
    more godlike, Christlike, and impartial to nationality and religion
    as apostle Peter who said:

    Acts 10:34
    34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now truly understand that God does
    not show favoritism, 35 but welcomes those from every nation who
    fear Him and do what is right.

    Pastor Kiril says: "God is with Russia. West is godless!"

    Ukrainians say: "God is with Ukraine. Russians will go to Hell."

    Well, they can't both be right at the same time.

    And good intentions lead to Hell.

    Peter would have said that Ukrainians and Russians who fear God
    and do what is right will be welcomed to Heaven.

    But destroying a civilian infrastructure with a missile and killing
    and wounding hundred of peaceful citizens in their homes shows
    that someone did not fear God and shed innocent blood.

    in the LORD

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