• The Vision of the End: The Four Beasts (Part 2)

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    Daniel 7:11-12
    11 I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spake: I beheld even till the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame. 12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away:
    yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.

    * * *

    Several months ago I wrote about the four beasts, and the popular
    teaching that the beast in the shape of a leopard with four wings
    is Germany, the beast in the shape of a bear is Russia and the
    beast with body of a lion and wings of an eagle is the Anglo-Saxon/US

    The lion was given a heart of a man, and it stood up on its feet.
    I have explained the teaching that this is the image of the incoming
    democracy, and the rule of the law as opposed to self-willed rule
    of tyrannical kings and dictators.

    The fourths beast will obviously be some alliance (with ten horns
    representing ten kingdoms or countries) which will utter blasphemies
    against the holy Tent, against the Law and Prophets, and against
    the Holy Throne of the Lord Most High.

    This fourth beast as its dominion is ruthless, ungodly, and "trampling
    under its feet what it couldn't devour", will be stripped off of its
    power, and its body will be destroyed with holy fire (much like
    Third Reich under allied bombing, but this is only the image of
    the fire from Heaven that comes from the Most High).

    The rest of the beasts (or kingdoms or dominions) will have their
    lives prolonged for a season and a time, but they will be stripped
    of power: no longer will they have the opportunity to bring the mankind
    on the brink on nuclear holocaust and keep the human race on
    ten minutes to midnight clock!

    The weapons of mass destruction will be stripped from the human race
    for good, together with everyone who invented it or used it.

    Nuclear, biological, and chemical.
    Depleted uranium. Everything that is teratogenic (causing birth defects).

    The mankind will face such time of great anxiety that had not ever been,
    that even the souls in graves will tremble, and the angels from before
    Great Flood that taught men how to forge weapons will repent. Men
    will hold smartphones, but forget how to use them.

    And there will be no cell towers that cause cancer by EM radiation.

    The beasts (human governments that are not based on the rule of law)
    will be stripped of their power forever.

    Then the scene will emerge in which only the Beast 666 and the great Harlot, the realm of false religion, will remain.

    And then not even that, for the Beast will want to be worshiped as the God
    in flesh and be given all worship of the entire human race. Those who refuse will be euthanased or kept in death camps worse than those of Adolph
    Hitler and the Nazis.

    But the promise of God will not let the entire faithful flock be exterminated: in the final battle of Armageddon, the joint armies of the world will
    surround the little flock (as two herds of goats) and the fire from Heaven
    will be the deciding factor in this unjust battle.

    All of this is not exposed in chronological order, as this is the mystery
    of God.

    In the end, the Beast, false prophet and their armies will be defeated,
    and Satan chained for 1000 years. This will be millennium Kingdom
    in which the righteous will reign and bring healing and resurrection.

    But at the end of 1000 years, Satan will be unleashed and free to seduce
    again. Those who would want sexual freedoms again and "reproductive
    rights" are sure to join the Gog and Magog and round and encircle the
    righteous again.

    But this final battle is prophecised to end with God's divine intervention
    that will save the righteous and end the problem of Satan for good.
    Together with everyone who will fail the trials and prove himself
    as possible new Satan, or new Adam and Eve who would willfully eat
    from the accursed tree again ...

    SOURCE: Book of Daniel, Book of Revelation, Book of Genesis.

    in the Lord

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