• What is Marxism? What is communism? What is socialism?

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    Communism is the totalitarian political system in the advanced stages
    of implementing the dictatorship of the labor class which is the false philosophy of Marxism's demonic philosophy of dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism is based on government ownership of everything (official atheism) and the outlawing of all private property and
    individual freedom. Thus the Marxist government is mistaken as god
    like and its leaders as false prophets of the people with the false revolutionary propaganda that all people are equal as slaves of the
    central government.

    Socialism is the intermediate stage before full fledged communism is established when all private property is in the process of being
    outlawed and stolen by the socialist government. Individual and
    collective private property and the profiting from the supply and
    demand of goods services is falsely demonized as the cause of all
    social conflicts and violence when in reality greed is the actual
    cause not the fair markup pricing necessary to supply goods and
    servises to meet the variegated demand of the marketplace.

    The false philosophy of Marxist socialism/communism is to fool people
    into thinking that all people are equal as slaves of the central state government. Thus there is fraud and a disconnect in reality
    distinguished from illusion for the ultiate welfare of all people.
    People will never knowingly choose to become slaves of a political
    party thus Marxist communism/socialism is often disguised as morality
    and religion. However, real morality and real religion overcomes greed
    by individual charity not by government dictatorship. This is where
    dialectical materialism, fails.

    In reality Marxist communism/socialism is the dictatorship of the
    "poor" labor class over all other occupational groups namely
    mercantile, military, and priestly intellectual. Thus hypocrisy
    abounds as only the Marxist communist/socialist political party have
    the exclusive control over political government power, individual
    freedom, and wealth aimed at keeping themselves in power.

    Marxism is official atheism because of being based on the false
    philosophy of dialectical materialism which misperceives temporary
    material nature as absolute eternal truth also known as false ego.
    Thus it ignores the transcendent and higher spiritual reality of the
    freedom loving eternal soul. Thus that government political system
    and religion which recognizes and maintains individual freedom is most
    just and conducive to peace and prosperity regardless of race,
    religion, occupation, and nationality.

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