• Legal outsourcing opportunity.

    From Unknown@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 8 21:47:46 2016
    Need internet competent writer who can
    1. see the eg. subtle timing re. cause and effect;
    2. explain it in writing, for dumb-ass magistrates/judges.

    Since South Africa became 'liberated' 20 years ago, there has
    been a massive overload on the judicial system, which has become
    increasingly incompetent, partly due to the flight of the skilled,
    educated population sector.

    An example matter, with simplified arithmetic is:-

    The correct monthly account from municipal authority = $10.

    Their error: charging you $11.

    After much written complaints, you 'serve' a letter containing:
    If you don't fix your accounting, I'll withhold, to escalate the
    matter to Court.

    After withholding for 2 months you receive a letter:
    "If you don't pay <within statutory time per municipal authority
    ordinance> we will sue.

    At month 3 before wrong bill arrives, you serve a letter:
    1. find enclosed my spreadsheet of detailed calculations;
    2. kindly examine same and either:
    show any error or
    accept that indicated amount owing is correct, so that I may settle.
    3. I acknowledge receipt of your letter of <last month> claiming a debt
    of $22. As my spreadsheet indicates I *NOW* owe $30.

    The municipal authority contrives a default judgment.
    Your application to rescind/set-aside the default judgment is refused
    on grounds that you admitted owing *MORE* than the $22 claim.

    I propose payment on a per-draft-text: pay as you go, for good written argument.

    Frank Githens.

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