• Inca Treasure in Poland?

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    On Thursday, December 5, 2002 at 1:01:48 PM UTC-5, Roy Davies wrote:
    A couple of nights ago in Britain there was a television programme on
    one of the satellite channels (unfortunately I cannot remember which
    one) about a connection between Tupac Amaru II, the last rebel Inca
    leader, and Poland. It claimed that some of his family escaped to
    Europe but they were not safe there either. One was assassinated by a
    Spanish agent in Venice. After that they fled to Poland where they hid
    the treasure they had brought with them from Peru. The programme also
    claimed that Andre Benesz, a vice-president of the Polish parliament,
    was of Inca descent and hinted that his death in a car accident in
    1976 might not have been an accident but might have had something to
    do with his interest in Inca treasure.

    The story sounds like a legend, but not beyond completely beyond the
    bounds of possibility. I wonder if any firm evidence will ever come to
    light? There does not appear to be very much on the web about it but I
    have added links to a couple of relevant articles (one in English and
    the other in German) from my links page.

    Roy Davies

    The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

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