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    As I was browsing through the pages, I found that for the last 7 or 8
    years there has been no discussions on this renowned writer. I would
    like to start a new discussion on him. I have been an avid reader of TJ
    and as I remember his novels are:-
    1. Amirtham
    2. Amma Vanthal
    3. Uyirthen
    4. Malar manjam
    5. Mogamul
    6.Anbe Aramuthe
    8. Adi
    9. Nalabagam (published as serial in Kanaiyazhi; i dont know whether it
    was published later in the form of book).
    10. Marapasu.
    If I have forgotten any of his works, members may please add.
    Everyone of the above has a speciality. While Marapasu was
    revolutionary in its idea, the thought on liberalism can be traced in Uyirthaen. Malarmanjam speaks of dichotomy of mind and soul, a very
    favourite subject of the author (also figuring in Amma Vanthal and Chembaruthi). To me the best of TJ's novels, as far as format is
    concerned, was "Chembaruthi", which, like a classical Greek Play, has
    an opening, a middle and an end. It provides deep insight into the
    human psyche during the various facets of life. The characters are
    round, so real. The langauage used akin to what you hear on the "Alodi"
    of your own house (to use TJ's language itself), situations what we
    encounter everyday. TJ himself claims that the protagonist of Amma
    Vandhal or Marappasu was drawn from a number of characters he had met
    or heard of in life. But all the characters in Chembaruthi are so real,
    you meet them in you everyday life, no need to superimpose one over the other, even the small characters like Govindasamy or Kishnamma.
    Sire TJ, no body can ever imagine to excel you in characterisation. Nasikethan

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    TJ is one of the finest writer in Tamil. Yatharathama ezhuvathu eppadi endru solli koduthavar.

    Amma vandhal and Marapppasu are the ones leaves you a big impact. In that era he was able to bold enough to write those subjects. Amazing.

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