• Who is Periyar?

    From True Tamizhan@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 17 02:53:47 2016
    Tamils fell to British divide and rule strategy. The non-Tamils took up this strategy from British and started Madras United League, Justice Party, DK etc.

    The British gave jobs to Brahmins and then (Lord Erksine) released a report saying that there is Brahmin domination. Why did they give jobs in the first place? It is like pinching the baby and rocking the cradle.

    Some communities are flourishing in retail trade(Nadars), some communities have more members joining the military compared to others, some are very rich (sections of Chettiars). There is nothing wrong with that and we should not be jealous.

    T.M.Nair(malayalee), E.V.R. (a kannadiga) Kurma (Telugu) Pitti Thyagaraya (Telugu). Why did not these people go to Palakad, Karnataka, Pitti and preach?

    EVR went to Kerala(because of his anti Malayalee feelings) and but he did not to Kannada speaking areas.

    E.V.R. said that if Hindi comes then Samskritam will also come and then there will be Brahmin domination. However such a thing has not happened in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Why do grand children of VIPs study Hindi in CBSE schools (where 3
    language policy is followed) and not in government schools.

    Samskritam was known to many of the Chola and Pallava Kings e.g.Kulothunga Cholan, Mahendra Varma Pallavan etc. If Samskritam caused Brahmin domination then Rajendra Cholan could not have become so great. Samskritam did not weaken but rather
    strengthened the Cholas, Pallavas etc. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar learnt and respected Samskrit highly.

    There are no anti Brahmin feelings expressed in the inscriptions or copper plates (before British rule started) in Tamizhagam.

    Please read Swami Vivekananda's "Colombo to Almora" and empower downtrodden. British Rule = Dravidian Movement = divide and rule
    Swami Vivekananda = unite and serve

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    I agree to you 100%. All the facts you wrote are true to the word and spirit. EVR had some personal vendetta against some people, and he formulated this Dravida Kazhakam....where in reality there is nothing called Dravidam...

    If it is fair skinned, vs dark skinned, Indian parents have some children dark and others fair. Is is perfectly natural to have dark skin when working in outdoors , agrarian works in most parts of India.

    Tamil is the oldest daughter of Sanskrit....Tamil vocabulary has 40% words from Sanskrit..If you don't believe listen to Karakattakkaran...RamaRaj-Kanaka movie , using village Tamil.....more than half the words they speak is pure Sanskrit..Malayalam is
    60 % Sanskrit and 40% Tamil (which has again derived from Sanskrit).Try to learn and respect the great mother of all languages, Sanskrit...If Tamil is our mother, then Sanskrit is the Grandmother.

    EVR was a paid puppet of the British,,,The British had so many EVRs all over India..that is how they ruled India...If we were to rule England some day, we will try to confuse, defuse and de-activate the most virulent group there..it is but natural..isn't
    it? It is called Divide and Rule.

    Indian, Hindu, Sanatana Dharma has survived so many great wars, conquests, 800 year Muslim rule and 200 year Christian European Rule. Still, India is 80% Hindu, an overwhelming majority, still at peace with the other 2 religions...There is something
    intrinsically true about this religion, otherwise it wouldn't survive ,,,,,and flourish so long, with ZERO compulsion to believe in any God, or to do any ritual.

    Sanskrit is the most structurally perfect language in the world. It is the only language that can be learnt in 10 days , yes 10 days ...to start speaking. This increases the intellect, reasoning, memory, and other values in the learner. This may explain
    why Brahmins score in the mental, mathematical,musical arenas, than other castes...Instead of harming and excluding the Brahmins, try to learn what they do and if you find it worthwhile, follow it.

    Brahmins are the most peace loving and soft people known,,,the incidents about Brahminical tyranny , are a piece of pure fiction....To see tyranny, you should know what happened during the reigns of Ivan the Impaler, Muhammed Ghori and the like...
    Demographically speaking, the Indian prison records show Brahmins to be the LOWEST per-capita distribution of jail inhabitants vis-a-vis other castes and religions in India.

    The Kerala Communists copied Russian literature and wrote so many plays in Kerala with a bid to make believe that all those gory tales happened here. EVR copied Hitler to make the reader / listener/ follower think that Brahmins did what Jews did to
    German peasants in the 30's and 40's.

    Tamil Cinema, an art form, was misused to propagate the erronous Aryan Dravidian theory (which was a British Divide and Rule instrument) from the time of M. Karunanidhi uptil the new generation. Personally, Rajinikant and Jayalalithaa never were anti-
    Hindu nor have they pretended to be....

    You should go out of TN to see how great Tamil Nadu is...You have to go out of India to see how great Mother India is...

    Api Swarnamayi Lanka
    Na Me Lakshmana Rochate
    Janani Janmabhoomischa
    Swargadapi Gareeyasi.......Vatmiki Ramayan...Conversation of Sri Rama to Lakshmana.after winning Lanka from Ravan...meaning...

    Even when Lanka is made of Gold, does not interest me Lakshmana,
    Mother and Motherland are greater than Heaven

    Vande Mataram


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  • From vikaskaranth@gmail.com@21:1/5 to MAHENDRAN on Mon Jun 10 01:01:56 2019
    Dear Sir,

    This mail is regarding Periyars Spaches. Kindly send them, if it is in English.

    About these lines:
    "Hitler writes in detail about Jews in about 60 pages which is 99%
    similar to PERIYAR's speeches and writing's against Brahmins.
    If some body asks I can mail to them but I can not write that stuff in
    the net."

    Thanking you
    vikas karanth

    On Tuesday, 16 March 1993 05:05:00 UTC+5:30, MAHENDRAN wrote:
    In article <1993Mar13.233942.13823@umr.edu>, nkolluru@cs.umr.edu (N. V. Kolluru) writes...

    Now-a-days I see a lot of articles about Periyar on SCT. Could
    some kind soul enlighten me on who Mr. Periyar is?

    If you are not from Tamil Nadu probably you may not heard of him. If you
    are from Tamil Nadu you might of heard him one way or other. Now basically his name is being used in elections by DMK to a very little extent.


    Periyar's full name was EVR E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker. He was in the Congress
    in his early days and struggled for the so called untouchables at that time in a place called Vaikem in Kerala. I think he succeded in getting them
    in to a temple or a street belonging to upper caste people. So he was
    called as "Vaikem Veerar" which I can translate as Vaikem Soldier.
    At some point he thought that the Cong party was dominated by
    Brahmins and started his own party called "Justice Party".Then
    the name of the party was changed as "Dravidar Kalagam". His party can
    be called as anti Brahmin at least at the beginning. Even though the
    party was for oppressed people majority of the leaders were non
    brahmin high caste people.
    He sucessfully fought and won " reservations" for way back in
    1940. He held a small demonstration against the independence of
    India which according to Periyar would lead to Brahmin domination.
    Also he was strongly against contesting in elections which he thought
    would make the party an oppertunist. He was against improper marriages
    and ladies wearing rope(I dont know how to call in English in tamil it
    is called as "talli") around their neck after marriage and having
    rituals in the marriage or calling a hindu archar or preist to conduct
    the marriage. Annadurai, Karunanidi, Nedunchiliyan, etc were prominent leaders of the party.
    Around 1950 or 1960 when he was 72 Periyar who struggled for revolutionary marriages and womens rights got married to a 30 year party activist whose name I forgot. Annadurai and company who were waiting
    for an oppertunity to contest the elections grabbed this chance and got
    split from the party and started their own party named "Dravida Munnerta Kalagam". There was a belief that Karunanidhi waited for while in the party ,and after seeing the popularity of the new party joined the new
    The new party under ANNA joined with the Swaraj Party lead by
    the Brahmin RAJAGOPALACHARI India's first indian Governer general in
    the elections for the state assembly. So Periyar a life time oppenent
    of Congress supported Congress under Kamaray who dedicated his whole life
    for the country. Kamaraj the true leader, Nationalist, who was living
    a very modest life lost the elections.
    When ANNA became chief minister of Tamil Nadu I think Periyar
    and ANNA became close again. He lived until the late seventies and died
    when he was 95 or so. some other highlights

    *It is known that he met Rajai his prime Brahmin oppenent and congress
    leader closed doors before he got married to a lady 35 years younger
    than him and refused to disclose the details of the meeting. He replied
    "It is personnel".

    *When he was asked about the marriage he replied that he didn't trust
    anybody in the party so he had to marry somone he can trust.

    *His wife became the party leader I think immediately after his death
    or may be even before that.

    *If I am correct he is not a native tamilian. ie. his mother tongue is Kannada or Telugu. When someone asked him how come you lead a tamil party
    he replied there is no capable candidate from tamil, That's why.

    * He also called tamil as Kattu Mirandi Basai ie. Barbarian's Language.

    * He wanted to have fools as his party men. For this I think K.Veeramani
    leader of DK once explained to CHO Ramaswamy of TUKLAK that Periyar
    meant" unquestionable dicipline by accepting order without thinking".

    * He named the acter Ganesan as "Sivaji Ganesan" after seeing Ganesan performing SHIVAJI.

    * Periyar was born as a rich man.

    *Some of his statements against Brahmins were very similar to the attack
    of Hitler against Jews which I can't write in detail because it may
    be offensive to somebody even though they are not my opinion. After
    all HITLER wrote mein Kempf in 1920's
    and Periyar might have got all the material from him.
    Black shirt for DK men, Adamant anti-Brahmin tone etc. In MEIN KEMPF
    Hitler writes in detail about Jews in about 60 pages which is 99%
    similar to PERIYAR's speeches and writing's against Brahmins.
    If some body asks I can mail to them but I can not write that stuff in
    the net.

    *I dont know whether any body asked him about his copying from Hitler
    but many asked him about the striking similarity of his writings on god
    and religion to that of INGARSAL's. Believe me there is an unbelieveable similarity. You can see no difference at all. Thank god Ingersal was centuries older than Periyar and he wouldn't have copied from Periyar. Periyar replied "My material is mine and mine only, no copying".
    It is like saying something like "yester day I saw an apple falling
    from the tree. I thought for a while and found that it was because
    of the earth's power. Newton might have found this 300 years back. But
    my Idea is mine and only mine. May be Newton travelled in time machine and and came to my house in 1993, copied it and went back to claim that he
    found a new law"

    * He supported Ambedkar and had very high respect for Lord Budha. But
    when he was asked to join Budhism by Ambedkar who embrased Budhism
    he replied " No. If I join Budhism and attack hidusim it will not
    be effective. A hindu attacking hiduism is the best thing."
    Somebody pl dont reply as "No he doesn't belong to any religion".
    Some DK men's wifes going to temple is their personnel.

    * It is known that when RAJAJI died he cried like a kid.

    * Somepeople are jumping from roof to floor in shock for JAYALALITHA
    joining BJP. Nothing new if you see the History.

    ANNA joined RAJAI(a brahmin Periyar opposed)
    KARUNANIDHI joined INDIRA GANDHI(a brahmin leader)
    MGR visited temples and has no anti brahmin feelings at all.
    now JAYALALITHA joins BJP
    After all BJP's leader ADVANI is not a BRAHMIN. Of course you can reply that there is a difference by saying BJP as communal party. But you should remmember MGR's remark on RSS which is far extreme than BJP. When muslim's have Muslim League why not RSS for hindus.

    Dear friends if you came to this line I have to appreciate your patience.
    But believe me I am not a DK. Even my suspected and gone sick when she
    saw me reading Periyar. If you read something that doesn't mean you
    are accepting it. Whatever I written was from the my readings. I tried to avoid expressing my views. But in some parts I could not stop it.
    No flames please.


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