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    I found your review which was written 22 years before where many people wouldn't have known there is a virtual world present and I was only 6 at that time.


    On Thursday, 10 November 1994 05:29:54 UTC+5:30, narayanan sundararajan wrote:
    en inniya thamizh makkalukku, (??!!, hope its not copyrighted by
    bharathiraja !)

    i got the cassette of "karuthamma" recently and i thought that i will add
    my opinions to a review posted by thiru senthooran rasaratnam. this is my first attempt at any sort of reviewing and so please if there are any mistakes, porutharulga !

    so, here goes :

    bharathiraja as usual starts off with "en inniya thamizh makkale" and has talked at the start of each song and making one desperately wait for the start of the song ! in the intro to the team, he says "rehman computer
    kuyil ena koovi irukkirar !!" and praises his cinematographer kannan and
    etc etc.

    the first song "pacchakili .." is for some reason named as the 'kozhi song ?!!'. ok, accepted that it has lots of kokkarakkos in it, but if one starts naming songs like this as kozhi song, mattu song etc ??!, probably they thought that its goin to become famous as the kozhi song and so well name
    it in the beginning itself.
    coming to the song itself, it is a catchy tune with a nice beat running in the background all the time with 'ok types' interludes.

    the second song is a bit song and as bharathiraja puts it, its a thaalaatu-turned-oppaari. sung by t.k.kala and kunjarama (kollangudi karuppayi type voice).

    the next song "poralae (sad)" sung by swarnalatha is a great piece. the
    thing is that it doesnt have background music at all except string-pulls (doying doying type) and relies entirely on the vocal chords of the singer and she has sung it really well and its set on quite a high pitch and swarnalatha suits high pitches i suppose. the flute interlude is also very good.

    the song "thenmerku...." is undoubtedly the best among the lot. its set on
    a fast beat (which reminded me of the beat in boneym's "nightflight to
    venus" ??" with melody interwined beautifully which is one of rehman's
    traits (imo) and also the base guitar suddenly coming in the background (he does that often in duet esp in the solo sax piece of kadari in kalyana vasantham ??). chitra and unnikrishnan (? new probably, btw he has a jayachandran like voice) have sung it very melodiously.

    the next is "kaadu potta kaadu" which is sung by malaysia vasudevan and bharathiraja himself ??? (or should i put it as he says "koozhukku uppai
    pola naanum konjam kural kudithirukiren"). the song might catch on u if u hear it a number of times bcos it has some very good flute interludes (i think rehman loves to use the flute). but as a friend of mine put it, "bharathiraja een thannaiyum kashtappaduthindu mathavangalaiyum kashtappadutharar ??!!". he sings on a high pitch and abaswaram ! een intha vibareetha parichai ?

    the last song is the happy version of the "porale" and it is a duet. it starts off with a good flute piece and this also is a good song.

    so, overall a good cassette to have.

    i also got another cassette of bagyaraj's "oru urile oru rajakumari" (meena is the heroine). illaiyaraja has scored the music. all the songs are so pathetically mediocre !!! and i didnt like it at all. probably one song
    might become a hit. and btw, all the songs are sung by mano and spb is not featured at all ! is there a rift again between illaiya and spb ?

    that's it

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