• Justice is truly Freedom, and dening justice from the terrorsts as a pu

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    Remember, my friends, trillions have been stolen through extortion and embezzlement. The election is being openly rigged by escaping criminals, and the whores of TV don't demand arrests for anything.. Does anyone here know why Obama and Co. war the
    Democracy of Syria with anti-woman Saudi Arabia? I'll tell you.. It is because in 2001, Assad, Democratically elected, decided to remove all middle men from banking.. And what happened? Everyone's money when twice as far without inflation. Why not on TV?
    They will to con US for further victims. No demands broadcasted to have arrested those openly rigging the election is tantamount to treason actually. Why would anyone will to be cheated a fair say
    staying silent? We all want to count, and be counted fairly is the freedom to be all we can be, acting civilized. We need to support each other with ideas that make good sense to just about everyone. Free energy for example.. possible? Easy.. How? .
    Exaggerated to easily understand.. Picture a square mile wide buoy floating on the ocean surface.. hooked up from the ocean bottom on a gear ratio, like a 15 speed bike, but go 15 million. Pulling up the arm for a water proofed turbine.[gear ration is
    like, you move the arm an inch, it's truly like a mile because that ratio is so high] , TIDES go up and down 30 feet+ in some places.. Saving 99.9 percent of our times being near free of labor! It
    could be one heck of a party town, I'll tell you what. But never mind that.. All invites welcomed.. Why be strangers? We've come to save the world. Take my word..


    "..Here's a list of grief counsellors who can help you.."

    Things are true to find ourselves too.. Without needing a reflex reaction, to hear of such foolishness.. as the cause for why Winnipegger's are cheated to die victims.. denied Justice.. denied equal protection under the laws of Canada.. it is for you
    friend.. a sad day to reflect on our TRUE circumstance.. as measured correct, 100%. Facts are facts.. and no one can thwart our fair measure being human. Freedom is Justice.

    All the evidence is made publicly available my friend. Read the facts for yourself to be horrified. Recording at the police desk, telling no.. they will not allow any investigations.. no matter what. It's like a death cult. And yeah.. it is rather
    terrifying to learn, I tell the truth. Cops of course are good on general terms, but they have to obey the rules too. The truth is better than the lies, while further innocent lives are lost due our inaction in further silence. Why this happens is
    difficult to talk on, as i