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    ***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***
    ***Tamil Movie News***
    ***Mani-yai usuppi vitaal!!.... In recent time, everyone seems to be badgering Maniratnam to find out more about the storyline of "Anandham".. Patience-ai lose panni kondirukkum Mani resorts to.. "Ivarukku X-nu
    peyir, Y-nu character, Z-nu role".. as a standard answer these days!..
    And yes, of course, the film has some affliations with the LTTE and
    Srilankan issues.. as Mohanlal, Mamooty, Aishwarya Rai, and Gouthami are presumed to star as M.G.R., Kalaignyar, Jayalalitha, V.N.Janaki respectively! "Anandham" shooting is currently taking place in some azhagaana Kerala pagudhigal!.. Mani-kku dhaan "Anandha"ththai kaannum!!..
    ***Thamizh "Ullaththai Alli" konda Rambha.. is the hottest commodity
    today among kavarchi nadigais in Madras!.. Ivar "Ullaththai Allithaa"-vai pottu oru kallakku kallakkiyadhil.. every producer and director is standing outside her home for call sheet times!.. Rambha currently stars as Sathyaraj's
    sister in "Siva Shakthi" paired up with Prabhu!.. and also with Livingston in his directorial debut "Sundhara Purshan" (produced by R.B.Choudhri).. Moreover,
    June 5th andru pirandha indha Gemini azhagu pettagam.. stars with Arjun
    and Meena in "Shengotai".. Only the lord knows, when this Arjun flick will come to a theatre near you!!..
    ***After the distinct success of those big ears and wierd nose in "Thaayagam".. Mansoor Alikhan-ukkum thiruppiyum herovaaga aasai vandhu vittadhu!!.. After a dismal first production, the title of which is too
    long and tedious to mention here.. and his second film "Raavannan" with Sangita and Aahana, which went belly up.. his third film "Vaazhga Sananaayagam".. which still awaits the karunai of the censors.. Mansoor Alikhan should have been fed up with being a hero!.. appideenu
    ninaithaal.. you are dead wrong!.. because he stars with Rajshri(Karuthamma), Jayabharathi, Arunpandian(most recent being "Thaayagam"), Jyothilakshmi, Vijayakumari, Manivannan and others in "Aavadhum Pennaaley, Azhivathum Pennaaley".. Direction by Senthilnaadhan and music by Baalabharathi ("Amaravathy").. APAP is nearing completion soon.. and Mansoor-in career-um nearing completion aaga koodadhu-nu venduvom!..
    ***"Idhayam"-ai kollai konda ivar.. comes and goes alone, speaks 7-8 languages, doesn't fear anything, drives herself to work, knows horse
    riding and swimming, doesn't take critics words to heart-- and she is
    none other than Heera!.. Ivalavu talents ulla ivar has only one tamil
    movie today "Krishnaa" with Prasanth and Kasthuri.. But times are
    changing.. and konjam konjamaai munneri kondirukkiraar Heera.. she plans
    on starring in Balu Mahendra's next venture.. plus, hoping to act with a famous actor and under the direction of a popular director in 1996..
    Yaar?.. Yenna padam?.. ellam viraivil theriyum!.. Good Luck Heera..
    SCT-yin vaazhthukkal!!..
    ***"Siraichaalai"-yaai irundhu kondu award vendaam yendraal eppadi?..
    Ask Mohanlal and he will tell you how miserable he feels that the Kerala
    Govt decided to give "Kaalapaani" ("Siraichaalai" in Tamil) a second best film award for 1995!.. Muraiththu konda Mohanlal refused to accept the
    award claiming that the entire crew of "Kaalapaani" will try to win the National Award.. a bigger pride for the Malayaalam film industry than
    some state award!!.. "Kaalapaani" stars Prabhu, Tabu, Mohanlal, Amrish
    Puri, and many others!.. The film brags of brilliant cinematography in Andhamaan by Santhosh Sivan, music by Ilaiyaraaja and among other
    things.. direction by Priyadarshan!.. "Sirachaalai" retells the stories
    of prisoners in Andhamaan, under the British, during the independence struggle in India!!
    ***4 Periya Ilaignyargal***
    ***There are four very popular youngsters vying for the top spot in tamil cinema today!.. Yaar Yaar yenna seidhu kondirukkiraargal, Paarkalaama?!.. ***Arunkumar.. With a pretty decent film "Murai Maappillai" as his
    debut, Vijaykumar's son, Arunkumar's charisma and youth is being
    challenged heavily today, as he stars with new face Manthra in "Priyam".. which is being directed by Pandian(who also directs T.Siva/Rajkiran collaboration "Maanikkam").. Arunkumar is also set to star in Anbaalaya Prabhakaran's own "Love Letter".. heroine has not been decided on yet!!.. ***"Thodda Bedda Roattu Melle" Vetri Kodi naattiya Vijay.. Interestingly,
    he is also a son of someone related to the cine world, like Arunkumar!..
    Appa S.A.Chandrasekar-in dhayavil, three solid hits in "Rasigan" "Deva"
    and "Vishnu".. and another outside hit in "Kuyamuthoor Maapillai".. Vijay is ready more than ever for an ultimate challenge.. as he stars in 7th
    Channel Narayanan's "Maanbumigu Maanavan" with Swapan Bedi,
    directed by his father, expected for Tamil New Year's.. and a film with M.G.Pictures ("Seeman", "Thirumoorty") and a film with K.B.Films
    ("Thozhar Paandian").. Vijay jaiyipaaraa?!..
    ***"Aasai" kaatti thamizhargalai mayakkum Ajeethkumar.. or at least
    that's the reputation he has received by tamil mags in recent time!..
    Ever since the slam bang success of "Aasai" and "Vaanmadhi" and the
    rumour spreading about him and actress Swathi, Ajeethukku bayangara
    yogam!.. He has a sack full of films for 1996 including.. "Manasukkul Varalaama" produced by Maniratnam and directed by Vasanth(the "Aasai" team).. Films with directors K.Subaash("Pavithra"), Selva("Karna"), films with producers, Sivashakthi films, Sri Bhagya Combines and others!.. plus his share of Telegu, Malayaalam films to do!.. "Aasai" kaatti mosam seiyaamal irundhaal seri!..
    ***Nadigai Pramila-vukkum ivarukkum vidhyaasam theriyaadha padi "Aanazhagan"aai vandhu nam vayaru noga sirikka vaithavar Prasanth..
    "Malayoor Mambatiyaan" Thyaagarajan's son Prasanth has yet to leave a
    lasting impression in Tamil movies even though he came quite a few years before all the others mentioned above!.. Luckily, innum Prasanth mousu avalavaa kuraiyavillai!! Prasanth stars with Sangita and Manisha Koirala
    in "Puliththevan".. which is produced by Thyaagaraajan.. and in "Krishna" with Heera and Kasthuri.. Besides these, Prasanth stars in a 2 1/2 crore budget film titled "Mannavaa" with Sangavi, Oorvasi, Goundamani, Senthil, Manivanna, Ponambalam and others!... The film is directed by Balaji (associate to K.Bhagyaraj for many years!).. "Mannavaa" is expected to be
    out for Tamil New Year's Day this year!.. Prasanth 1996-il "Mannavan"-aa thigazhvaaraa?!.. Paarkka dhaane pogirom!!..
    ***CRORE-NA JUJUBI!!***
    ***"Indhiyan" udan vaazhndhavar.. that's the way Director Shankar
    describes his experience directing "Indhiyan" which began shooting in
    June 1995!.. According to sources, "Indhiyan" is the MEGA budget flick in tamil movie history!.. a budget which has been unheard of before!.. Add
    to this, the biggest bundle of joy for Shankar is his wife Ishwari
    delivering a baby girl in Delhi.. Sandhoshaththil thaththali-kiraar Shankar!..
    The biggest plus point for "Indhiyan" is Kamal's get-up as an old man..
    which took four hours each time to accomplish the effect by Hollywood
    make-up men Michael West Morin and his assistant Michael John!.. After
    the extensive make-up most people have trouble believing it's Kamal at
    all!.. Add to this, the producer, A.M.Ratnam has diversified his interests
    in his movie career.. He entered as an 18 year old make-up man, slid into a role of Vijayshanthi's personal manager, then became a distributor, producer, director.. and seems to have touched all the bases in film making!.. and here's evidence to that:..
    ***First Duet.. Kamal and Urmila hop and trot in Prasad studios in the midst of a huge set!.. A dance in which Urmi is expected to majorly
    "kallakku"-fy the audience!..
    ***Manisha Koirala udan 2nd duet in places like Sydney and Canbara, Australia.. and with the help of the Opha Bridge (Spelling?!).. which is
    a lot like the Napier Bridge.. only raatchasa size in comparison!.. The
    song sequence is picturized at that height with the help of a helicopter!.. And of course, your share of Kangaroos, Emus, Llamas, Koalas and all that cool miruga pattaalam!
    ***Hope you haven't fallen off your chair yet!.. here comes the biggest
    duet with Kamal and Sukanya in Chenji kottai.. A "Period" paadal
    kaatchi.. with 400 dancers, 1000 supporting actors plus substitutes..
    ellam serththu almost 2000 people participating in a mega huge shooting/song sequence!
    ***A nice little "andha naalaiya" kudumba paadal kaatchi.. with Kamal, Sukanya, and magal Kasthuri(hey! she's still in this movie!).. as our
    fourth song sequence!..
    ***All that remains is the fifth and final duet between Kamal and Manisha
    to be shot in Jodhpur, Rajasthaan!.. Idhu April 13th-ukku munnaadiye mudindhaal.. "Indhiyan" can be expected for Tamil New Year's this year!..
    but then considering Shankar's track record so far.. he never releases
    films for special occasions.. and prefers times with little to no
    competition at the box office!..
    ***Like the song "Mukkaabla" in "Kaadhalan"--Shankar has a lot of genius
    at work in the computer graphics departments for "Indhiyan".. Even
    though, most of the computer "jaalam" could be accomplished in India
    itself, sila special special samaajaaram Hong Kong-ukku Shankar-ai
    izhuththu vittadhu!..
    "Indhiyan"-ai nilai niruththa veli naadu thevai padugiradhe!!!..
    ***Meesai murukkum K.T.Kunjumon is producing three films at the same
    time.. "Kaadhal Desam," "Sakthi," and "Rakshakan".. Idhil "Kaadhal Desam"
    is expected to hit theaters in June.. 1 1/2 crores selavil, with the help
    of Thotta Tharani, KTK has built a "Kaadhal Desam" by renting G.Venkateswaran's land near Mahaabalipuram!.. In this "Desam" which looks like a sophisticated western city.. there is a women's college, shopping complex, big buildings, hotel and other structures!.. "KD" is also a dare-devil experiment with new actors, a relatively new director, but experienced technicians behind the scenes!..
    "Kaadhal Desam" stars Vineeth("Pudhiya Mugam" "May Maadham"), Tabu("Sirachchaalai"), Abbaas(New face), Kevin Herik Gray(New face villain), S.P.Balasubramaniam, Srividya and others.. Music by A.R.Rahman.. Special animation by Venki, whose popular in T.V. animation serials currently!.. Direction by Kadhir("Idhayam", "Uzhavan")..
    ***15 Crores selavil.. Kunjumon produce seiyum other film "Rakshakan"..
    with Naagarjuna, Ulaga Azhagi Sushmita Sen, S.P.Balasubramaniam,
    Vadivelu, Raghuvaran, Girish Karnaad, Reema Lagu, Sukumaari and Kevin
    Herik Gray.. the tamil film world, here again, has never seen such a
    budget for a film before!.. Dialogues are by Crazy Mohan, Dance by Raju Sundaram, Stunts by Vikram Dharma.. Music by A.R.Rahman, Art by Thotta Tharani.. and direction by newcomer Praveen Gandhi, who has been
    associate to Director Priyadarshan.. "Rakshakan" began with a bang in
    Madras with poojai ceremonies held in Vijaya Sesh Mahal Kalyaana Mandapam with special guest Mammooty and Mohanlal minus meesai, who honored the function with their presence!.. "Rakshakan" will also be one of the elite films of this year to be recored in DTS--Digital Theatre Sound!.. K.T.Kunjumon saththiyamaaga panna petti-kku "Rakshakan" illai!.. ***Kutti/Kadhamba News***
    ***R.K.Selvamani plans to take a movie with Mamooty again after he
    completes "Raajaali".. while Roja, after kai-yai suttufying herself with
    the disasterous "Adhiradipadai" is back at producing a film again!.. Don't ask why!.. If you are an Uuhaa fan.. oops! Sivaranjani fan, her next film
    is expected in April titled "Avadhaara Purushan" with "Thiruda Thiruda" Anand, Ranjeeth("Ponvilangu") and others!.. Soundharya, Sukanya and
    Sathyaraj star together for the first time in "Senadhibadhi".. Sathyaraj
    in a get-up which looks similar to the one in "Vedham Pudhidhu"..
    ***Meena's road rolling her competition with three big films.. one
    with Rajkiran "Ponnvillaiyira Bhoomi".. second with Paarthiban "Bharathi Kannamma".. and third.. an untitled film with Sathyaraj!.. Rajkiran is
    making plans to act in a film directed by Bhaarthiraaja, while both Raamaraajan with "Kaallaiyan" and Vijaykanth with "Dharma Chakram" star
    under K.S.Ravikumar's direction, after the success of K.S.R's "Parambarai" recently..
    ***Vijayashanthi currently stars in up to 12 films.. taken in two or more languages with big stars, Amithabh Bachchan, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Arjun
    and others!.. She also stars in a Malayaalam film this year titled "Illangdurgi".. while Prabhudeva also has decided to try his luck in Malayaalam films with one directed by Suresh Krishnaa("Veera" "Baadshaa").. ***Quotables***
    ***"Ella padaththuleyum en veettukaarar arivaall, adi thadi-nne
    nadikkiraar. Dance pannunga, romantic herovaa pannunga-nu naan sollikkitte irukkiren.. avar ketkave maattengaraaru!".. Jayasudha Napolean in a
    interview to Kumudham magazine!
    ***"En Manaivi en padangalai paarkkiraal. Avaladhu abipraayaththukku yepodhume mariyaadhai thandhirukkiren. Naan innum nadana kaatchigalil nadikkavillaiye enbadhu avaladhu varuththam. Ennakku varaadha ORE
    vishayam indha DANCE dhaan!.. Naan yenna seivadhu?.. Napolean in a
    different interview to Cinema Express!..
    ***Thabaal Petti***
    Prasanth (Actor) Vijay (Actor)
    40, North Usman Road, 86, 87 State Bank Colony,
    T. Nagar, Madras 600 017. 3rd Street,
    Shaali Gramam, Madras 600 093.
    Nagma (Actress) Sundhar (Director)
    43, Navaratna Gardens 15, Valmiki Street,
    Defense Colony, B-1 Flat,
    Ekkaadu Thaangal T. Nagar, Madras 600 017.
    Madras 600 097.
    My Sources: Cinema Express, Anandha Vikatan, Kumudham...
    Eppodhum polla, ungalukku yedhaavadhu pudhu thamizh pada seidhi
    therindhaal, adhai ennudan pangu kollveergal yena nambukiren!!..
    Now, Tamil Movie News can also be seen at WEB site: http://www2.ntu.ac.sg:8000/~sf918168/mayajaal.html

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