• Are We Jealous of Brahmins??

    From ehands@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 21 01:14:52 2019
    Absolutely agree with you on your comments about EVR ( calling him ' Periyar' is a grave insult to those who are actually great souls.) EVR was a goon inciting violence against Brahmins, in my school days I have heard him blabbering live asking his DK
    cadre to rape every Brahmin women.
    Would the DK thugs ever have the guts to go and stand infront of any Mosque in Kashmir and proclaim and preach all those ' Paguttarivu( Rationalism) '?
    Despite all these facts about DK/DMK , it is so sad and shocking to see almost 1.2 crores of Tamils have voted DMK in Lok Sabha !!

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