• Senguntha Mudaliars are not Weavers, but Kshatriyas

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    Sengundhar and kaikolas are same community our sangam name is sengundhar sangam our community certificate holds kaikolar(hand holding stick silambam in Tamil),sengundhar means red spear or blooded spear) they are warriors clan of cholas later they learnt
    weaving from telugu saliyars,devanga chetty silk weaving from saurastras,all south Indians are considered as shudras by north Aryans including brahmins even though they say there rishi gothrams at one hierarchy north Indian brahmins differentiate south
    brahmins they call them as sudra brahmin (subrahmaniam) like wise lot of community's claiming they are kshatriyas nothing to do with south India tamils have there own title as arayar,maravar,andavar like wise kaikolas ,sengunthars are sudras according to
    sudra brahmins of southindia ,but they are warrior clan according to chola history even now sengunthar community in andhra name itself karikalas or karikalabakthalu according to andhra gazette of castes ,sengunthars or kaikolas,or Kerala mudali,srilankan
    mudaliyars from nallu Jaffna are same community from Tamil origin but some people saying they have link w with kathri,kshatriyas,or senguptas (mauryas or Gupta dynasty) and sen surname from bengalis who knows no body knows

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