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    Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA, USA): Changed: Thu Jun 22 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.mtholyoke.edu/>.
    Directory of directories,, at <URL:http://www.mtholyoke.edu/dir/>.
    Mount Royal College (Calgary, AB, Canada): Created: Prior to February 1993 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.mtroyal.ab.ca/>.
    Student's userids are of the form llllll#### where # are the first four digits of the student id. Staff userids are of the form flastname.
    Mount Saint Mary's College (Emmitsburg, MD, USA): Created: Thu Jun 8 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.msmary.edu/>.
    Faculty, staff, and students: finger use...@msmary.edu.
    Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada): Created: Fri Dec 26 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.msvu.ca/>.
    Phone book at <URL:http://www.msvu.ca/findphonebook.html>.
    Muskingum College (New Concord, OH, USA): Created: Mon Sep 6 1993
    Mail to use...@muskingum.edu. As of fall 1992 userids are usually
    flastname; previously ff_lastname, possibly with a trailing 1. The finger server just shows who is logged in; POSTM...@muskingum.edu is willing to handle inquiries.
    National Cheng Kung University (Tainan City, Taiwan): Created: Thu Jun 22 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ncku.edu.tw/>.
    General: e#######@dec3.ncku.edu.tw.
    National University of Singapore (Singapore): Changed: Fri Jun 23 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nus.sg/>.
    CS Department Faculty or Staff: faslas...@leonis.nus.sg, where fas is
    fas (faculty and staff), lastname is full lastname, f is first name, m is middle name.
    CS students: cz3.nus.sg or solar.nus.sg.
    Art Department has numbered accounts, e.g. art...@leonis.nus.sg.
    Nesna College (Nesna, Norway): Created: Fri Dec 3 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.hinesna.no/>.
    Faculty, staff, students: browsable directory at <URL:http://www.hinesna.no/engelsk/staff.html>.
    New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.njit.edu/>.
    Phone book and e-mail search at <URL:http://www.njit.edu/Phone/>.
    New Mexico Institute Of Mining And Technology (Socorro, NM, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nmt.edu/>.
    List of people directories at <URL:http://www.nmt.edu/mainpage/people.html>, including student phone book at <URL:http://www.nmt.edu/mainpage/dir/phonebook.html> and faculty/staff
    phone book at <URL:http://phonebook.nmt.edu/viewbyname.asp>.
    Try finger na...@nmt.edu or finger na...@jupiter.nmt.edu. Jupiter is the main server; CS students generally have accounts on minos.nmt.edu. Accounts generally seem to be of the form FLLLLLLL.
    New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nmsu.edu/>.
    Phone book at <URL:http://aams.nmsu.edu/phonebook/>.
    New York University [NYU] (New York, NY, USA): Changed: Fri Dec 31 1999 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nyu.edu/>.
    Web directory at <URL:http://www.nyu.edu/directory.nyu>; Gopher service at <URL:gopher://gopher.nyu.edu>; PH service at ph.nyu.edu.
    Addresses for students at NYU are often fml#@is.nyu.edu or @is2.nyu.edu; use q for middle initial if student doesn't have one. # is big enough to
    resolve ambiguities, e.g. jqs101 for the 101'st John Smith. All students
    and staff can get limited mail accounts by requesting them. Some users
    have nicknames: lastname, or lllllf, or lllllff.
    Niagara College (Welland, ON, Canada): Created: Wed Oct 28 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.niagarac.on.ca/>.
    There is also a campus in Niagara Region.
    Student e-mail addresses are not published. Faculty e-mail is usually FLas...@niagarac.on.ca.
    Nipissing University (North Bay, Ontario, Canada): Changed: Mon Nov 13 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.unipissing.ca/>.
    Faculty and staff directory at <URL:http://www.unipissing.ca/phone.htm> Students: llll...@student.unipissing.ca; there is no directory for
    North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC, USA): Changed: Wed Feb 22 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ncsu.edu/>.
    Finger user...@eos.ncsu.edu, or use the whois server on infopoint.cc.ncsu.edu. Gopher service at <URL:gopher://gopher.ncsu.edu>.
    CS faculty/staff: accounts on adm.csc.ncsu.edu. No specific naming
    convention for faculty accounts.
    There are currently 4 active AFS cells within the NCSU realm.
    unity.ncsu.edu: The NCSU Computing Center. Eventually all non-engineering students will be here.
    eos.ncsu.edu: NCSU Project Eos (all engineering accounts - faculty, staff, and students). Student userids are usually fmllllll.
    tx.ncsu.edu: NCSU College of Textiles
    catt.ncsu.edu: NCSU CATT program, students and computers in a dorm
    CS Graduate Students: used to have accounts on druid.csc.ncsu.edu, but are now moving over to AFS. login names were gr-xxx where xxx are the initials
    of the person. However, using the person first or last name will also
    North Dakota Network (ND, USA): Changed: Mon Jun 19 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nodak.edu/>.
    This section describes how to find email addresses for students who attend Public Colleges and Universities in North Dakota. On all systems, userids
    are lastname, possibly with first or middle initials if the last name is
    not unique; you can finger lastname on all system.
    General use machines: plains.bitnet, plains.nodak.edu, badlands.nodak.edu, ndsuas1.nodak.edu.
    Faculty reseach: vision.nodak.edu.
    sendit.nodak.edu is for North Dakota public education (teachers, school districts, and professors of education and educational administration). Agricultural extension: ndsuext.nodak.edu
    ND HECN CMS (@ndsuvm1.bitnet) -or- (@vm1.nodak.edu). This is a VM/SP (CMS) system. Userids are a bit more complicated here... The ND HECN (No-Dak
    Higher Education Computer Network) consists of the following schools..
    Their 2-letter school code follows.
    Bismarck State College: BJ
    North Dakota State University: NU
    University of North Dakota: UD
    Dickinson State College: DS
    Williston State College: WS
    Bottineau State College: BT
    Lake Region Community College: LR
    Valley City State College: VC
    Mayville State College: MV
    Minot State College: MN
    State School of Science: SS
    Userids given out prior to (approximately) August 1991 are assigned a
    userid according to the following: Userids are in the form of LL######.
    LL is the "School Code" (see above). The #'s are the first 6 digits of
    the user's NAID number.
    Userids given out after August 1991 are assigned according to last name,
    or with part of their first name in front if the account is already
    taken. They are trying to give you the same userid as your plain's id
    (if you have one). Also, people with the 'old id' can request to have
    their account renamed to the new format. You are able to finger
    accounts on ndsuvm1, but as of 02-26-92 student names are not yet
    available to finger. (It will tell you if the account at least exists
    tho). Faculty/Staff names are available to finger. Each college has an 'administrative' account with the form LL0ADMIN. (LL = School Code). I
    don't know if they will give out userids, but it's worth a try.
    UND School of Medicine: try First...@medicine.und.nodak.edu for staff and faculty; no student accounts as of Fall 1992. For help finding someone,
    try 'finger' or contact postm...@medicine.und.nodak.edu
    North Dakota State College of Science (Wahpeton, ND, USA): Created: Sat Apr 25 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ndscs.nodak.edu/>.
    Alphabetical listing of faculty/staff at <URL:http://www.ndscs.nodak.edu/people/directory/>. See also North Dakota Network.
    North Dakota State University (Fargo, ND, USA): Created: Sat Apr 25 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/>.
    Phone book at <URL:http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/phonebook/>. See also North Dakota Network.
    Northeastern University (Boston, MA, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.northeastern.edu/>.
    Faculty/staff phone book at
    Finger na...@lynx.dac.northeastern.edu where <name> is a first-name, last- name, or username. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni can have accounts, but they have to be requested.
    Student usernames are usually flllllll, but many students pick there own variations. Many students never log in again once their class is through. Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ, USA): Created: Prior to February 1993
    You can use any of the following ways to locate people at Northern Arizona University. If one doesn't work, try the next. NOTE: not everyone at NAU
    has an electronic mailbox.
    1. finger PER...@info.nau.edu where PERSON is any part of a person's name that you know. You may have to use quotes, as in: finger "Jane Doe"@info.nau.edu. This is a "white pages" style database. For more help
    on this system: finger @info.nau.edu
    2. mail FIRSTNAME...@nau.edu where FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME are the
    person you're trying to reach. You may need to specify FIRSTNAME.MIDDLEINITIAL.LASTNAME
    3. send mail to the site postmaster: mail postm...@nau.edu Some
    subdomains have postmasters e.g. postm...@cse.nau.edu for the Computer Science and Engineering department.
    Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL, USA): Changed: Sat Jun 10 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.niu.edu/>.
    Mail to flas...@niu.edu will reach anyone registered with the ph server. Gopher service at <URL:gopher://gopher.niu.edu>. Student accounts are of
    the form ZXXYYYYY where XX is 90,91,92 (year of entrance to NIU and YYYYY
    is random.
    Engineering: finger us...@eiger.ceet.niu.edu
    Encore MultiMax (mp.cs.niu.edu). CSCI students may have accounts on this UNIX-based machine if their classes require it. Class accounts are of the form 'T90nnnn' where 'nnnn' is a randomly-assigned four-digit number. Undergraduate and graduate TA's may have accounts of the form 'T90fml1', where f=first initial, m=middle initial, and l=last initial. Substitute
    the letter 'X' for a missing middle initial. Older TA's may have an '8'
    or '9' substituted for the '1'. Students who work for Academic Computing Services, or are of a major other than CSCI, may also have accounts. Use 'finger' for more info.
    CSCI LAN (csci.niu.edu) All CSCI faculty members and some graduate students have accounts on this Novell LAN of the form 'T90fml1', same as above.
    Amdahl 5890 (vm.cso.niu.edu) CSCI students may have accounts on this mainframe running MVS and VM if their classes require it. Class accounts
    are of the form 'T90nnnn', same as above. All TA's have an account of the form 'T90fml1'.
    Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville, MO, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nwmissouri.edu/>.
    Faculty/staff phone directory at <URL:http://www.nwmissouri.edu/www_root/northwest/compserv/fdir.html>; student phone directory at <URL:http://www.nwmissouri.edu/www_root/northwest/compserv/sdir.html>.
    Mail to user...@northwest.missouri.edu. Unfortunately usernames are
    random numbers, starting with 01 for professors and 02 for students. Northwestern College (Orange City, IA, USA): Created: Sat Oct 7 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nwciowa.edu/>.
    Students,and faculty/staff after July 1995: flll...@nwciowa.edu.
    Faculty and staff before July 1995 may use firstname or lastname. Northwestern State University (Natchitoches, LA, USA):Created: Wed Jun 18 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nsula.edu/>.
    There is a voluntary Web page registry at <URL:http://www.nsula.edu/departments/newweb/prsnl.htm>.
    Student e-mail addresses appear to be nslll####@alpha.nsula.edu, where ns is the literal letters, lll the first three letters of last name, and #### a 4-digit number.
    The college provides an online directory at <URL:http://www.nsula.edu/departments/newweb/fax.htm> of phone numbers for departments and centres.
    Northwestern University (Evanston, IL, USA): Changed: Wed Jun 3 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nwu.edu/>.
    PH service at ns.nwu.edu or via the online directory at <URL:http://www- gate.it-services.nwu.edu/it/query-ph/query.cgi>. Students are
    automatically entered on registration, usually F-Lastname#@nwu.edu where number # is used only for disambiguation; users can change this to
    whatever they like.
    General e-mail services are shared by four machines: casbah.acns.nwu.edu, plus lulu, hecky, and merle. Both Casbah and Merle support finger
    Norwegian University of Technology (Trondheim, Norway): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.unit.no/>.
    See University of Trondheim.
    Novosibirsk State Technical University (Novosibirsk, Russia): Created: Mon Sep 6 1993
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.nstu.nsk.su/>.
    630092, K. Marx Prospekt 20
    Usernames can be hard to discover; postm...@nstu.nsk.su is willing to be helpful in tracking usernames.
    Oakland University (Rochester, MI, USA): Changed: Thu Mar 25 1993
    Hosts: vela.acs.oakland.edu, argo.acs.oakland.edu
    Many departments maintain their own systems but their users usually have accounts on either vela or argo as well.
    Userids: Students: FMlastname Faculty: Lastname
    Finger: on vela, use any portion of the name. On argo, you can only finger the userid.
    Oberlin (Oberlin, OH, USA): Changed: Sat Oct 28 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.oberlin.edu/>.
    Many students and faculty have accounts on ALPHA, which can be reached as oberlin.edu OR as alpha.cc.oberlin.edu.
    Administrative staff members have accounts on ocvaxc, which can be reached
    as ocvaxc.cc.oberlin.edu. This is an internet-only site.
    Student User IDs are of the form: S+first & last initials + last 4 digits of the student ID (e.g. SDG1234)
    Faculty IDs are of the form: flastname.
    CS students/faculty: occs.cs.oberlin.edu (student usernames are mostly last names, occasionally with a first initial to resolve ties; faculty and
    staff are generally 3 initials).
    Best bet is to send mail to postm...@oberlin.edu
    Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA, USA): Created: Sat Jun 10 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.oxy.edu/>.
    Usually the email address is last...@oxy.edu, but in some cases the first initial or first part of the first name is used, Addressses are not fingerable.
    All incoming students as of '92 get an email account, but not everyone uses it.
    Ohio Northern University (Ada, OH, USA): Created: Sat Oct 7 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.onu.edu/>.
    Online phonebook at <URL:http://www.onu.edu/cgi-bin/carr-ph>. Gopher
    service at <URL:gopher://gopher.onu.edu>.
    Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.osu.edu/>.
    Faculty, Staff, Graduate students: flll...@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu Directory at <URL:http://www.acs.ohio-state.edu/cgi-bin/osu_inquiry>. Searching the online directory at <URL:http://www.acs.ohio-state.edu/cgi- bin/osu_inquiry> (or whois -h osu.edu) should find all students, faculty,
    and staff, as should telnetting to osu.edu.
    CS Students, Faculty and Staff: cis.ohio-state.edu, with username lastname, fllllll, llllll-f, fml, firstname or lllll-fm.
    Faculty and staff are mostly first or last name.
    Also, some students have their accounts aliased so that you can send mail/finger to lastname.#@osu.edu where # is required and is anything from
    1 on up to infinity (these numbers can get very large for names like
    Smith, i.e. in the thousands).
    Ohio University (Athens, OH, USA): Changed: Mon Jun 26 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ohiou.edu/>.
    Gopher service at <URL:gopher://gopher.ohiou.edu>, including links for student and staff whois servers.
    CS (UNIX): fl...@oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu
    CS (VMS): oucsduce.cs.ohiou.edu
    EE (grad students): fl...@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu, @redskins.ent.ohiou.edu Undergrads (class accounts): OUACCVMB.BITNET. Students are given accounts
    of the form FL######@oak.cats.ohiou.edu; finger by ID or lastname.
    Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, OH, USA): Created: Wed Nov 9 1994
    Finger User...@cc.owu.edu. All usernames (student/faculty/staff) are of
    the form FMLLLLLL; if no middle initial, first initial is repeated.
    Oklahoma State/Stillwater (Stillwater, OK, USA): Changed: Thu Nov 10 1994 use...@rsc.ceat.okstate.edu or flas...@osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu.
    Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (Beaverton, OR, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ogi.edu/>.
    Only Graduate Students. Their host, ogccse, is @cse.ogc.edu.
    This recently changed to cse.ogi.edu.
    Oregon State System of Higher Education (OR, USA): Created: Fri Jun 23 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.osshe.edu/>.
    Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR, USA): Changed: Sat Jun 10 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.orst.edu/>.
    Any student can get an account on ucs.orst.edu
    CS: mist.cs.orst.edu, prism.cs.orst.edu
    Admissions office: osua...@ccmail.orst.edu.
    Otterbein College (Westerville, OH, USA): Created: Fri Apr 9 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.otterbein.edu/>.
    Faculty/staff directory at <URL:http://www.otterbein.edu/cgi-bin/gfac.exe>. Mailboxes appear to be FLastname#@otterbein.edu or
    FMLastname#@otterbein.edu, where #, if present, is a disambiguating
    Our Lady of Holy Cross College (New Orleans, LA, USA):Created: Tue Jun 29 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.olhcc.edu/>.
    Web pages for some people are available at <URL:http://www.olhcc.edu/olhcc/PersonalHomePages/menu.html>.
    Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom): Changed: Tue Nov 14 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ox.ac.uk/>.
    Forms-based online directory at <URL:http://www.ox.ac.uk/contact/mailandphoneform.html>.
    If you happen to have an account at Oxford, you can telnet to info.ox.ac.uk, which presents you with an online information system, one of whose
    subsystems is an electronic mail directory showing all authorized users
    who are willing to be so listed.
    Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA, USA): Created: Fri Jun 9 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.plu.edu/>.
    Mail to llll...@plu.edu or @salt.plu.edu. The first is used by students, faculty, etc for general or basic networking functions. Salt is used for
    the Computer Science department and the Administration. Many students are likely to have accounts on both machines.
    Park College (Parkville, MO, USA): Created: Sat Dec 6 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.park.edu/>.
    Faculty directory at <URL:http://www.park.edu/fac/facdir.htm>.
    Penn State University (State College, PA, USA): Changed: Mon Jul 3 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.psu.edu/>.
    Anyone can get mail on email.psu.edu (or psu.edu); addresses are fml###. Course accounts may be fml###@psuvm.psu.edu.
    PH service at ph.psu.edu. Gopher service at <URL:gopher://info.psu.edu>, including telephone and other directories at <URL:gopher://info.psu.edu/11/phonedir>.
    Computer Science: cse.psu.edu (UNIX), crayola.cse.psu.edu (Ultrix)
    Math: math.psu.edu
    Philadelphia Biblical University (Langhorne, PA, USA):Changed: Thu Mar 15 2001
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.pbu.edu/>.
    Faculty/Staff: FLas...@pbu.edu. Students: S_FLa...@pbu.edu. Directory
    of directories at <URL:http://www.pbu.edu/info/sendmail.htm>.
    Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (Philadelphia, PA, USA): Created: Thu Feb 20 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.philacol.edu/>.
    Mail to (L8)(F3)@hardy.texsci.edu; faculty at (L8)F...@laurel.texsci.edu. Pitzer College (Claremont, CA, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.pitzer.edu/>.
    Some student Web pages at <URL:http://www.pitzer.edu/studentlife/homepages.html>. Faculty Web pages
    at <URL:http://www.pitzer.edu/academics/faculty.html>.
    finger flll...@pitvax.claremont.edu
    Plattsburgh State University (Plattsburgh, NY, USA): Created: Mon Jan 11 1999 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.plattsburgh.edu/>.
    Faculty, staff, and administration directory at <URL:http://www.plattsburgh.edu/webdir/findperson.html>.
    Formerly known as SUNY Plattsburgh. Admissions admis...@plattsburgh.edu. Plymouth State College (Plymouth, NH, USA): Created: Mon Sep 6 1993
    Faculty & staff: firstname...@plymouth.edu or
    flll...@psc.plymouth.edu or fffff...@psc.plymouth.edu
    Students: finger firs...@oz.plymouth.edu or finger
    Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY, USA): Changed: Fri Mar 10 2000 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.poly.edu/>.
    There are also campuses in Farmingdale (Polytechnic University Long Island Campus) and and Hawthorne (Westchester Graduate Center).
    Most login names follow the pattern FL(5)n...@poly.edu. For students there does not appear to be an e-mail directory; consult the student web page directories at <URL:http://www.poly.edu/computing/index.cfm?men=m6>. For faculty and staff, use the phone book at <URL:http://media.poly.edu/phonebook/>.
    Pomona College (Claremont, CA, USA): Created: Prior to February 1993 Internet: fll...@pomona.claremont.edu (bitnet fll...@pomona.bitnet)
    Usernames are the first character of the first name, followed by the full last name (John Doe would be JDOE). In case of conflicts, the middle
    initial is used between first and last name. (If JDOE already has an
    account, James A. Doe would be JADOE). Finger works.
    Portland State University (Portland, OR, USA): Created: Prior to February 1993
    Students: odin.cc.pdx.edu
    Prairie View A&M University (Waller County, TX, USA): Created: Tue Jun 17 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://http://www.pvamu.edu//>.
    The e-mail Web page at <URL:http://www.pvamu.edu/emailsd.html> has links to faculty and staff directories, and to a form for students to use to add
    their entries to the student e-mail database.
    Faculty seem to have mailboxes of the form F(L7)@pvamu.edu or sometimes Firstname...@pvamu.edu.
    Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC, USA): Created: Fri Jun 9 1995
    All student and faculty, except for a few, are fmll...@cs1.presby.edu. Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA): Changed: Fri Jun 9 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.princeton.edu/>.
    Fingering at princeton.edu; usernames are usually FMLLLLLL, sometimes LLLLLLLL or FFFFFFFL. On UNIX systems you can try
    rsh pucc.princeton.edu -l anonymous -n getid Firstname Lastname
    Undergrads: fingering rogue.princeton.edu should return logins at all Princeton (CIT) UNIX-like systems. Some users read mail on pucc.princeton.edu, a IBM (VMS) mainframe with different mail and finger addresses. The other four main computers are phoenix.princeton.edu, tucson.princeton.edu, and flagstaff.princeton.edu, and ernie.princeton.edu but you should be able to get all the relevant information from rogue.
    Some students read mail off a dormroom server, student.princeton.edu,
    which doesn't allow finger requests.
    CS Grad Studs/Faculty: cs.princeton.edu
    CogSci Lab: clarity.princeton.edu
    Math Dept: math.princeton.edu
    Providence College (Providence, RI, USA): Created: Thu Nov 11 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.providence.edu/>.
    Undergraduate students: FL(5)n...@providence.edu where nn is two-digit year of
    Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA): Changed: Sat Oct 7 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.purdue.edu/>.
    Student, faculty, and staff directory at <URL:http://directory.purdue.edu/ph-query.html>.
    Purdue University Calumet (Hammond, IN, USA): Created: Tue Oct 6 1998 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.calumet.purdue.edu/>.
    Use the main Purdue University directory service at <URL:http://directory.purdue.edu/ph-query.html>, which you can restrict to Calumet if you like.
    Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada): Changed: Sat Oct 28 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://info.queensu.ca/>.
    Our e-mail directory for faculty, student, and staff is at <URL:http://info.queensu.ca/cgi-bin/ph>.
    For e-mail access to the directory, send a message to dire...@queensu.ca placing on the first line of the message body the command
    find surname
    Spelling of the surname must be exact. To restrict the search, you can add
    a comma and an initial or given name, for example
    find smith,d
    For a detailed description of the service, send the command
    Computing and Information Science: finger use...@cs.queensu.ca, where userid is usually lastname or firstname.
    Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia): Created: Thu Jun 8 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.qut.edu.au/>.
    Mail to f.las...@qut.edu.au
    For the Faculty of Information Technology you also can use: sur...@fit.qut.edu.au OR firs...@fit.qut.edu.au OR
    Quincy University (Quincy, IL, USA): Created: Wed Nov 9 1994
    Ramapo College (Mahwah, NJ, USA): Created: Wed Nov 19 1997
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ramapo.edu/>.
    Reed College (Portland, OR, USA): Changed: Fri Apr 24 1998
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.reed.edu/>.
    user...@reed.edu, where username is of the form flllllll
    Some personal Web pages are listed at <URL:http://www.reed.edu/reed/users/>. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI; Troy, NY, USA):Changed: Sat Oct 7 1995 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.rpi.edu/>.
    Search the online directory at <URL:http://www.rpi.edu/phserver.html> of staff and students, or telnet to infotrax.rpi.edu. Go to CAM, then DIR,
    then STU, then
    find name <username>
    Rensselaer Computing System: rpi.edu. Open to all students, faculty and staff. Userids are lll...@rpi.edu with digits added to break ties.
    finger last...@rpi.edu to verify userid only. but finger @rpi.edu
    doesn't yield any login information.
    Department Machine or Domain Names
    ========================================== ========================== Computer Science: cs.rpi.edu
    Electrical and Computer Engineering: ecse.rpi.edu
    Mechanical Engineering: meche.rpi.edu
    Design Reseach Center: rdrc.rpi.edu
    Robotics Automation Lab: ral.rpi.edu
    Image Processing Lab: ipl.rpi.edu
    Center for Advanced Technology: cat.rpi.edu
    Integrated Electronic Arts Studio: iear.arts.rpi.edu
    Engineering Computing Services: vm.ecs.rpi.edu,
    Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (Aachen, Germany): Created: Thu Nov 10 1994
    (Technical Institute of Aachen)
    Format: last...@reze-1.rz.rwth-aachen.de
    Rhodes College (Memphis, TN, USA): Created: Sat Mar 20 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.rhhodes.edu/>.
    Faculty/Staff: Last...@rhodes.edu or FLas...@rhodes.edu in case of duplicates.
    Students: LL...@rhodes.edu or LLLFM#@rhodes.edu in case of duplicates. Browsable e-mail directory at <URL:http://alpha.rhodes.edu/email/emaildir.html>. Try finger user...@alpha.rhodes.edu.
    Rhodes University (Grahamstown, South Africa): Created: Sat Mar 20 1999 World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.ru.ac.za/>.
    Searchable e-mail directory at <URL:http://www.ru.ac.za/cgi-bin/whois.cgi> Students: All undergraduate and postgraduate students are registered for
    mail on centralised servers, but not everyone is active. The address is
    of the form USE...@campus.ru.ac.za, where USERID is the student number,
    with the first character replaced with a "G" for students registered at
    the Grahamstown campus, or with an "E" for students registered at the East London campus. Students may additionally be registered on departmental servers, or on systems run by RUCUS, the Rhodes University Computer Users Society.
    Staff: All academic, administrative and service staff (including members of their immediate family) may obtain an email account on centralised servers
    - but not all do so. There is a concerted attempt at standardising email addresses to be of the form Initial....@ru.ac.za, but not everyone
    has yet converted, and many are registered on departmental servers where anything goes.
    Rice University (Houston, TX, USA): Changed: Tue Jun 29 1999
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.rice.edu/>.
    Finger user...@rice.edu, where name is firstname or lastname. This should return a definitive answer for the person unless an individual has
    requested not to be listed. Mail sent to use...@rice.edu will be
    correctly routed regardless of which network the student is on -- Owlnet
    for undergrads, RUF for grads and faculty, CS, ECE, SPAC, etc.
    Alumni may be reached at use...@alumni.rice.edu after they graduate. There
    is currently no convenient method to search for alumni user IDs, but they
    are generally the same as when the person was a student.
    Rochester Institute of Technology [RIT] (Rochester, NY, USA): Created: Prior to February 1993
    aaa...@ritvax.isc.rit.edu, where aaa is users initials, XXXX is last 4
    digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
    Computer Science: aaa...@cs.rit.edu. Sometimes anaXXXX where n appears literally and means "no middle initial". Profs' accounts omit the XXXX. Rumour has it that some UNIX accounts on other machines within
    the rit.edu domain use just last 4 digits of SSN, but recent
    correspondents from RIT don't know of any such machines.
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN, USA): Created: Prior to February 1993
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.rose-hulman.edu/>.
    There are three major systems on which students are given accounts:
    Academic VAXcluster: rosevc.rose-hulman.edu. All students have accounts.
    NeXT workstation network: nextwork.rose-hulman.edu. All students have accounts.
    CS department network: cs.rose-hulman.edu. Any student can get an account upon request.
    Student usernames are consistent across the systems, in the form llllllfm. Mail addresses of the form: first....@rose-hulman.edu are also
    accepted; mail is directed to a preferred address.
    Rowan College of New Jersey (NJ, USA): Changed: Sat Mar 25 1995
    World-Wide Web service at <URL:http://www.rowan.edu/>.
    (formerly Glassboro State College, renamed in 1993)
    Below is a list of computers and who uses them. For help, send mail to postmaster on whichever one seems the most appropriate. If you're not
    sure, send it to postm...@rowan.edu. Current email info (including most
    of the electronic mail addresses on campus) is available on our Gopher service at <URL:gopher://gboro.rowan.edu:150>.
    heroes.rowan.edu: administrative departments, secretaries, some faculty saturn.rowan.edu: Academic Computing, students, some faculty
    elan.rowan.edu: all School of Business faculty, students
    irp.rowan.edu: Institutional Research and Planning
    gboro.rowan.edu: Computer Science faculty, students
    There is no on-line catalog of student e-mail addresses. If you send a message to postm...@rowan.edu you should get back the address (if there

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