• Video on Covid statistics in the UK

    From David Jones@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 16 11:12:52 2021
    For information, the RSS has recently put up the following video.

    "Statistical Preparedness in a Pandemic" June 14 2021, 57 mins


    "Faced with a new disease such as COVID-19, we need to be able to
    diagnose it, describe its prevalence in the population, map its time
    course and spatial distribution, learn about what treatments work,
    develop and test a vaccine, and communicate with decision-makers and
    the population. Each of these present challenging statistical issues.
    We describe how the UK mounted responses to these, including large
    scale prevalence surveys, and platform adaptive trials that informed
    policy and clinical practice and show how a rapid response is possible
    where the statistical community is well-prepared.

    Speaker: Professor Deborah Ashby (Director of the School of Public
    Health, Imperial College London)"


    It covers various things, including the clinical trials of treatments,
    the surveys of prevalence in the community, and modelling results. Unfortunately the sound is somewhat glitchy.It doesn't include today's announcement of a new treatment that has been shown to have a good

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