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    Planetary Mission Press Kits

    Posted: 25 Jul 2020 01:35 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/planetary-mission-press-kits

    Historical list of angency-created press kits for planetary exploration missions.

    JPL Universe Archives

    Posted: 25 Jul 2020 01:08 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/jpl-universe-archives

    The JPL Universe was the employee newsletter of the Jet Propulsion
    Laboratory, published every other Friday. The Planetary Society hosts
    archive copies from 7 August 1998 to 25 February 2005.

    Voyager Mission Status Bulletin Archives

    Posted: 25 Jul 2020 12:57 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/voyager-mission-status-bulletin-archives

    From 1977 to 1990, the Voyager Mission Status Bulletin kept scientists and space enthusiasts informed about the twin Voyager spacecraft through an intermittently printed newsletter that ran to 99 issues. The Planetary
    Society hosts these original files to preserves the historical record of
    the Voyager spacecraft.

    Galileo Messenger Archive

    Posted: 25 Jul 2020 12:52 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/galileo-messenger-archive

    From 1981 to 1997, the Galileo Messenger newsletter kept team members and space enthusiasts informed about the tortured path of NASAs Galileo mission
    to Jupiter. This archive preserves this important historical resource.

    Selected Historical Resources

    Posted: 25 Jul 2020 12:43 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/historical-resources

    Historical planetary mission press kits and publications for Galileo and Voyager. Image datasets of outer planet moons from Voyager 2.

    Space For Everyone

    Posted: 24 Jul 2020 02:03 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/global/space-for-everyone

    Show the world you believe in space for everyone.

    Missions to Mars, and exoplanets caught on camera

    Posted: 24 Jul 2020 07:45 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/missions-to-mars-and-exoplanets-caught-on-camera

    Everything you need to know about two missions en route to Mars and another gearing up for launch, plus the rest of the week’s space news.

    Political Advocacy

    Posted: 23 Jul 2020 10:27 PM PDT

    Our current advocacy goals, major issues facing NASA, detailed context, and actions you can take to support space exploration in the United States.

    Planetary Kids

    Posted: 22 Jul 2020 04:07 PM PDT

    Bill Nye presents at-home activities to teach kids about space exploration concepts. Published by The Planetary Societys flagship magazine, The
    Planetary Report.

    Space for Kids

    Posted: 22 Jul 2020 02:12 PM PDT

    Space exploration resources for kids of all ages.

    Perseverance Microphones Fulfill Planetary Society Campaign to Hear Sounds
    from Mars

    Posted: 22 Jul 2020 09:47 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/perseverance-rover-tps-mics

    The first Mars microphone, sponsored by The Planetary Society, flew aboard NASAs Polar Lander spacecraft, which crashed on the Red Planet in 1999.

    All Projects

    Posted: 21 Jul 2020 12:12 PM PDT

    The Planetary Society and its members have undertaken dozens of projects
    over the years in support of advancing space science and exploration.

    Opportunities for NASA and the Trump Administration

    Posted: 20 Jul 2020 06:41 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/advocacy/opportunities-for-nasa-and-the-trump-administration

    Official recommendations for the future of NASA under the Trump
    Administration, delivered during the presidential transition in early 2017.

    The Goal is Mars

    Posted: 20 Jul 2020 06:14 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-policy/the-goal-is-mars-2013

    The Planetary Society strongly supports the human exploration of space.
    Mars is the goal.

    Give a Presentation

    Posted: 20 Jul 2020 01:39 PM PDT

    Tips and tools to help you give a great presentation about space science
    and exploration.

    LightSail Outreach Toolkit

    Posted: 20 Jul 2020 01:26 PM PDT

    Equipping you to teach people about solar sailing and The Planetary
    Societys LightSail program.

    Planetary Defense Outreach Toolkit

    Posted: 20 Jul 2020 01:22 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/planetary-defense-toolkit

    Equipping you to teach people about near-Earth objects, the threat they
    pose to life on Earth, and what we can do about it.

    Find Your Brick

    Posted: 17 Jul 2020 06:17 AM PDT

    Search and locate your brick placed at The Planetary Society Headquarters
    in Pasadena, CA.

    Imaging and imagination in space

    Posted: 17 Jul 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/imaging-and-imagination-in-space

    Learn about The Planetary Society’s vision for the next decade of
    exploration and get up to speed on space news.

    The Day of Action

    Posted: 16 Jul 2020 08:02 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/advocacy/day-of-action

    Be a space advocate. Our annual event in Washington, D.C. puts you
    face-to-face with your representatives in Congress to advance space science
    and exploration.

    Our Submissions to the Planetary Science Decadal Survey

    Posted: 16 Jul 2020 04:50 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/our-submissions-to-the-2023-2032-decadal-survey

    Advocating for space at every step in the process, The Planetary Society submitted two papers to the forthcoming planetary science decadal
    survey—one on the search for life and one on the importance of planetary defense.

    Search Results

    Posted: 16 Jul 2020 09:23 AM PDT

    Search results for The Planetary Societys website.

    Thanks for joining our online community

    Posted: 15 Jul 2020 02:08 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/thanks-for-joining-our-online-community

    Thanks for joining The Planetary Societys online community.

    What Is a Solar Eclipse? Your Questions Answered.

    Posted: 13 Jul 2020 01:53 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/solar-eclipse-guide

    Your guide to total, partial, and annular eclipses: what causes them, what youll see, and when the next one will happen.

    Every Mission to Saturn, Ever

    Posted: 13 Jul 2020 09:40 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-missions/every-saturn-mission

    Only 4 spacecraft have ever made it out to Saturn. Our most comprehensive
    look at the planet came from NASA and the European Space Agencys Cassini-Huygens mission, which spent 13 years exploring Saturn and its

    Every Mission to the Moon, Ever

    Posted: 13 Jul 2020 09:39 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-missions/every-moon-mission

    It only takes a couple days to send most spacecraft to the Moon, so its not surprising that humans have sent more missions there than anywhere else.
    The Moon is also the only celestial body besides Earth where humans have visited.

    Space for Everyone

    Posted: 10 Jul 2020 08:16 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/about/strategic-framework


    A comet visitor and a pretty metal Moon

    Posted: 10 Jul 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/a-comet-visitor-and-a-pretty-metal-moon

    The week’s space news, plus your guide to the night sky and ways you can contribute to Venus science.

    Your Guide to the July Mars Launches

    Posted: 09 Jul 2020 03:49 PM PDT

    Launch times, live coverage, and resource guides for NASAs Perseverance
    rover, Chinas Tianwen-1 orbiter and rover, and the United Arab Emirates
    Hope orbiter.

    Amateur Space Images

    Posted: 08 Jul 2020 08:08 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-images/amateur-images

    A thriving community of amateur space image processors produces spectacular vistas of alien worlds from the science and navigation data returned to
    Earth by robotic missions.

    Spacecraft and Technology

    Posted: 08 Jul 2020 06:18 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-images/spacecraft

    Photos of spacecraft, telescopes, science instruments, and other kinds of
    space exploration technology.

    Beyond Our Solar System

    Posted: 08 Jul 2020 05:59 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-images/universe

    Pretty pictures of exoplanets, stars, and galaxies.

    Our Impact

    Posted: 07 Jul 2020 07:27 AM PDT

    Our Impact

    Explore Worlds

    Posted: 06 Jul 2020 04:53 PM PDT

    How The Planetary Society works to increase discoveries about the worlds of
    our solar system and beyond.

    Find Life

    Posted: 06 Jul 2020 04:52 PM PDT

    How The Planetary Society works to elevate the search for life as a space exploration priority.

    Mars in all its glory, and a planet as hot as a star

    Posted: 03 Jul 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/mars-in-all-its-glory-and-a-planet-as-hot-as-a-star

    Dive into Mars mania and catch up on this week’s space exploration updates.

    Your Guide to Mars Sample Return

    Posted: 29 Jun 2020 10:27 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-missions/mars-sample-return

    Despite advances in space technology, certain science questions, including whether or not a Mars rock contains signs of ancient life, can only be
    answered in Earth-based laboratories.

    Your Guide to Dragonfly

    Posted: 29 Jun 2020 10:12 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-missions/dragonfly

    NASAs Dragonfly mission to Saturn’s largest moon Titan is scheduled to
    launch in 2026 and arrive in 2034. The 8-bladed drone-like craft will make short flights around the surface.

    Your Guide to Saturn

    Posted: 27 Jun 2020 11:26 AM PDT

    Saturn is the crown jewel of our solar system. It has a stunning set of
    rings, diverse moons, and so much more to explore.

    Your Guide to NASA's Curiosity Rover

    Posted: 27 Jun 2020 10:57 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/space-missions/curiosity

    NASAs Curiosity rover landed on Mars in 2012 to search for evidence that
    the planet could once have supported Earth-like life.

    Your Guide to Jupiter

    Posted: 26 Jun 2020 11:25 AM PDT

    Jupiter, our largest planet, teaches us how solar systems evolve. Its four planet-like moons make it a solar system of its own.

    Asteroids, asteroids, asteroids!

    Posted: 26 Jun 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/asteroids-asteroids-asteroids

    Gear up for Asteroid Day on 30 June, explore the latest issue of The
    Planetary Report, and get your fill of space news for the week.

    A ring of fire and Titans explosive volcanoes

    Posted: 19 Jun 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/a-ring-of-fire-and-titans-explosive-volcanoes

    All the latest space news, plus ways you can celebrate and advocate for

    LightSail 2 Enters Extended Mission Phase

    Posted: 17 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/lightsail-2-extended-mission

    One year after launch, The Planetary Society’s solar sail spacecraft is embarking on an extended mission dedicated to further advancing solar
    sailing technology.

    Your Impact: June 2020 Solstice

    Posted: 15 Jun 2020 01:53 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/your-impact-june-solstice-2020

    Were celebrating a successful Day of Action in Washington D.C., remembering SETI@home, and looking forward to LightSail 2s extended mission.

    Sample Return Roundup

    Posted: 15 Jun 2020 01:53 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/sample-return-roundup-2020

    Its a banner year for sample return missions. In 2020, China, Japan, and
    the United States are all scheduled to have sample return missions in
    flight, seeking to retrieve material from near-Earth asteroids, the Moon,
    and eventually Mars.

    Pictures of Earth

    Posted: 15 Jun 2020 01:53 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/pictures-of-earth-pivotal-time

    During this singular moment in history as the entire world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our favorite pictures of Earth from space.

    Perseverance, optimism, and an undeniably cool poster

    Posted: 12 Jun 2020 05:03 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/perseverance-optimism-and-an-undeniably-cool-poster

    The week’s space news, plus action you can take to advance exploration.

    Perseverance Rover Mastcam-Z Stories

    Posted: 11 Jun 2020 10:34 PM PDT https://www.planetary.org/outreach/mastcam-z-partnership

    The Planetary Society is an education and outreach partner for the
    Mastcam-Z instrument on NASAs Perseverance rover. We feature personal
    stories from the team sending this cutting-edge camera system to Mars.

    Shoemaker NEO Grant Program

    Posted: 08 Jun 2020 01:14 PM PDT

    The Planetary Societys Shoemaker NEO Grant program funds advanced amateur astronomers to find, track, and characterize potentially hazardous
    near-Earth objects.

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