• [PS] Your Impact: June 2020 Solstice

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    Your Impact: June 2020 Solstice

    Posted: 22 Jun 2020 04:04 AM PDT http://www.planetary.org/blogs/your-impact-june-solstice-2020.html

    We're celebrating a successful Day of Action in Washington D.C.,
    remembering SETI@home, and looking forward to LightSail 2's extended

    Sample Return Roundup

    Posted: 22 Jun 2020 04:04 AM PDT http://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/sample-return-roundup-2020.html

    It's a banner year for sample return missions. In 2020, China, Japan, and
    the United States are all scheduled to have sample return missions in
    flight, seeking to retrieve material from near-Earth asteroids, the Moon,
    and eventually Mars.

    Pictures of Earth

    Posted: 22 Jun 2020 04:04 AM PDT http://www.planetary.org/blogs/pictures-of-earth-pivotal-time.html

    During this singular moment in history as the entire world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our favorite pictures of Earth from space.

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