• [PS] Eclipses: Its All About Perspective

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    Eclipses: Its All About Perspective

    Posted: 04 Jun 2021 07:30 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/the-downlink/eclipses-its-all-about-perspective

    Look at eclipses from the perspective of Earth, the Moon, and beyond. Plus catch up on the week’s space news.

    Biden's 2022 NASA Budget Says Yes to Pretty Much Everything

    Posted: 04 Jun 2021 05:00 AM PDT https://www.planetary.org/articles/nasas-fy2022-pbr-analysis

    This is the 2nd-largest budget proposal for the space agency in 25 years.
    It embraces a broad set of NASA programs, including Artemis to the Moon, important science initiatives, and a healthy space technology effort.

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