• Chinese researchers propose deflecting 'Armageddon' asteroids with rock

    From dumpster4@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 10 20:30:09 2021
    China wants to play "Asteroids":

    "Chinese researchers want to send more than 20 of China's largest rockets
    to practice turning away a sizable asteroid - a technique that may eventually be crucial if a killer rock is on a collision course with Earth."

    "At China's National Space Science Center, researchers found in simulations that 23 Long March 5 rockets hitting simultaneously could deflect a large asteroid from its original path by a distance 1.4 times the Earth's radius.

    Their calculations are based on an asteroid dubbed Bennu, orbiting the sun, which is as wide as the Empire State Building is tall. It belongs to a class of rocks with the potential to cause regional or continental damage. Asteroids spanning more than 1 km would have global consequences."



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