• The West must return to its ideology of primacy and its superiority

    From pnn calmagorod@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 8 01:45:40 2021
    It must in practice annihilate the politically correct in all its variants because it distorts it from its underlying ideology based on the primacy and inevitable DOMINATION.
    So was the story of his supremacy ..... and now hang up with the moan of equality ... and of pitch or peace ... of parasitic migrants to keep ..
    Those who believe in peace are because they cannot win the war. And the war takes place even without weapons.
    China has produced several innovations in the past but not the industrial revolution. And now the Chinese Comunista party is like Hitler in power
    with the aggravation of not being insane, that is, that he knows that he knows that he cannot win a direct nuclear war with the rest of the world ... so he disguises himself to conduct it in another way ... read the enormous suspicion that the covid is
    of its production NOT random .... or the economic destruction of the opponents always howling peace peace peace ...
    That many Chinese whores bite is indubitable :-)

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