• Elon Musk Interview.

    From JF Mezei@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 18 16:04:14 2021
    It is about 12 minutes, starts off with muted audio, but eventually Elon
    statrs to speak.


    Hopefully launch Starship in January.

    Super Heavy: 29 engines now, but will be uppped to 33.

    With Raptor V2 at 33 engines:

    7600 7700 metric tons force of thrust. 2.2/2.3 times Saturn V thrust.

    Rest of interview is about need to have interplanetary life and devoid
    of content.

    Spotted an official SpaceX video interview of Musk, but when I clicked
    it, it became unavailable due to copyright strike.

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