• Crew 3 brings 3 rookies to ISS

    From Snidely@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 11 15:55:23 2021
    Hard capture underway. /Endurance/ breezed through Waypoints 0 and 1
    without a hold.

    Raja Chari, the commander, is one of the rookies. Kayla Barron, a
    submariner, and Matthias Maurer, a materials scientist, are the others.
    The nickname for the Chari's and Barron's astronaut class was
    "Turtles", and Maurer's class was known as "Peacocks". The Zero-G
    indicater is a stuffed turtle named Pfau, covering all 3 new

    Thomas Marshburn, the pilot, is the sole veteran, having flown on
    STS-127 (/Endeavour/) and Expedition 34/35 (TMA-07M), and has 4
    spacewalks under his belt.


    As a colleague once told me about an incoming manager,
    "He does very well in a suck-up, kick-down culture."
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