• Dragon de-Orbit

    From JF Mezei@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 18 18:47:12 2021
    The californian commentators are now talking about Nitrox being dumped
    into the capsile for re-entry to keep it cool.

    While the technical definition of nitrox includes normall mixture of N2
    and O2 in normal atmpsphere, it is generally used only when you have
    O2-rich mixture to reduce body absorbtion of N2 while diving (reduced decompression requirements when going back up to surface - and extending
    dive time).

    Dragon is normally at 14.7 and normal N2/O2 mixture, right? If they use
    Nitrox during landing does this mean they are increasing cabin pressure significantly enough to worry aboutr the bends when the bring it back to
    1 atm?

    Or are the commentators just using "nitrox" to look cool and the cabin maintains normal N2/O2 mixtures?

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