• SpaceX wins single source contract for NASA's crewed lunar lander

    From dumpster4@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 15 22:39:49 2021
    NASA's Defense Of Picking SpaceX For Lunar Landing Reveals Details
    Of Plan And Throws Real Shade:

    "I’ve been looking through the report, and it reveals NASA’s unflinching support of the SpaceX decision. One big reason is that SpaceX’s
    proposal was the cheapest, at just under three billion dollars, while Blue Origin was right about double that at nearly six billion, and Dynetics half again as much at nine billion."

    "You might notice in that chart there that Dynetics’ offering was the only one to be listed as “marginal” when it came to the “technical” category.
    That’s what leads us to what may be the sickest burn in NASA/GAO



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