• Rocket Ranch

    From Greg (Strider) Moore@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 22 22:45:50 2020
    BTW, a very brief review of Rocket Ranch (by Jonathan H. H. Ward). It's a
    great book.

    I enjoy reading almost any history or biography of the space program, but
    this is unique.

    Most books focus on the big names or big events, either Carrying the Fire by Michael Collins, or Lost Moon, or Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon.

    This... is very different. This is the nuts and bolts. This is the small things. This includes interviews with folks whose names you'd never know but
    a lot of the behind the scenes work. The men (and a very few women) who
    lowered themselves into the LOX tank at Pad 39A, the ones who worked in the
    SLA and dropped items, or the ones who changed out S-IB fins on top of the milkstool.

    I probably enjoyed this book more than almost any other I've read recently
    on the Apollo program.

    I think Derek Lyons may have recommended this.

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