• Ignorant would-be NASA intern reportedly loses position over vulgar

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    A newly hired NASA intern recently lost a position at the agency after a vulgar exchange with a famous NASA engineer on Twitter, according to news reports, such as one from USA Today.

    The exchange ? captured by several news outlets through screenshots ?
    began when the user, who used the handle @NaomiH_official, wrote in all
    caps, "I got accepted for a NASA internship," adding a sentence with profanity to express excitement.

    The post garnered a stern response from Homer Hickam, a former NASA
    engineer whose memoir "Rocket Boys" ? about growing up in a rural coal-
    mine community during the 1930s Depression while he learned about rocketry
    ? inspired the 1999 Hollywood movie "October Sky." "Language," Hickam
    replied to the tweet.

    And from there, it spiraled out of control. Harsh lesson for a young
    person. Yes "ignorant" is an appropriate adjective for them before the incident. But, I'm sure that young person has learned their lesson and
    is no longer "ignorant" of the consequences of online speech. They
    broke no law, so the government can't go after them for a crime, but
    their employer certainly can, even if that's the US Government. You
    don't get to make the government look bad, especially as an intern, and
    keep your job.

    Hickam added that @NaomiH_official apologized for the comments, as
    did he, and he is doing "all that he can" to find the Twitter user
    a position in the aerospace industry. Meanwhile, @NaomiH_official
    made their Twitter profile private, adding in the bio area, "Taking
    a break from Twitter for a while."

    What we say in public can find its way back to our employer and can
    result in any of us getting fired. This is especially true in so called
    "right to work" states, which really means right for your employer to
    fire you for pretty much any reason that's not protected by the federal government. This would certainly qualify.

    That said, I'm not sure why you posted this to these groups:


    Trolling? Best watch out for yourself.

    I am removing all of those seemingly off topic groups from this follow-
    up since I have no desire to engage in any further shenanigans.

    As a user of Twitter, I often see Homer Hickam's Tweets. He remains a
    class act to this day.

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