• NASA still trying to prove the moon landing wasn't faked.

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    The US has to pay tribute to the Jewish feudal lord. The US is practically run by Jews.

    OK, that's about the only conspiracy theory that's more nonsense than
    the moon-landing one - at least the latter doesn't have an
    extreme-right basis, though.

    Straight from the horse's mouth, confession from "The Jerusalem Post":


    Our secret is out. The Jews control the world! We own the media. Politicians do our bidding. Wall Street is a Jewish shtetl. Hollywood moguls make secret deals in Yiddish. Jewish professors propagandize
    their students to support Israel. Jewish puppet masters pull the strings and their compliant puppets simply follow.

    I assume you didn't notice the word 'opinion' in that URL...

    Or the sarcastic tone of the piece.

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