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    On Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 4:04:04 PM UTC-4, Peter A. wrote:
    I was one of those who advocated the X-30 during the late '80's. The
    scramjet engine just makes sense. I imagined that an X-30 spaceplane would
    be a true airplane capable of flying to space, reducing risk, increasing access to fast with fast turn-over times, and seriously reducing the cost to space. After the X-30 was cancelled, and new X-planes went into development (X-33, X-34), my excitement wasn't that great, but I was happy that at least some space flight improvements were being made. I always believed that the scramjet would be the real key to fast low-cost space access and wondered what happened with scramjet development now that X-30 was cancelled. I am happy that it is being developed and was tested successfully in the X-40,
    and that it is planned in the X-37. While the X-37 is not the X-30, at least it demonstrates the ability to use scramjet technology to get an airplane into orbit. Now that X-33 and X-34 are cancelled, I hope that these funds would clear development for further scramjet development. Hopefully the second generation RLV will be scramjet based. If so, just me, this is far better than having a vehicle based on X-33 or X-34 technology.

    Well done, Sir:

    The X-37 has landed after two years in orbit. What a mission duration.



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