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    Here’s a (near) play on full moon:

    null foam = what existed before the (supposed?) Big Bang

    That reminds me of an old (1994) play of mine on “do not worry”:

    donut whirry

    though in that I was thinking whirry was a noun when actually
    it is a verb meaning to go quickly. I was thinking that
    whirry meant a foam.

    Oh, in my original usage in 1994 I wrote

    “donut whirry/wherry”

    and wherry is a word for a rowboat or barge, so combining
    the two (whirry and wherry) you would have a fast rowboat.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Quantum foam or spacetime foam is the fluctuation of spacetime
    on very small scales due to quantum mechanics. The idea was
    devised by John Wheeler in 1955.”

    Also from Wikipedia:

    "Zero-point energy (ZPE) is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. ... Physics currently lacks a full theoretical model for understanding zero-point energy; in particular, the discrepancy between theorized and observed vacuumenergy is a source of major

    I also have postulated that time has an imaginary component
    which was much more important near the (supposed?)
    Big Bang.

    And of course there is tmy Wild Rover Poe-M from mid-June, 1993,
    during my second waning crescent high (but I am not high right now),
    which is supposed to contain some physics clues:

    ...FrEE_Lancers' G_yNhAME G_naw f/l/NAmiss, NuNe our Never 'n MOreo oo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    OUIow, the uni-verse, L.whee DRUInk-rD
    aura FU-syZY, G_ee, circle-T P/ToeMa-knEE
    dense eNFanTime 'round T'Wean dark, from light
    Dis lex 'ick T-waIsted AC-Scent PR-One to M/LIce
    S/B hare, leaf is / all re but-t
    fruit loops chopped, sum bits dropped, sLaphter and PneUNs
    a par fait danSH Z\'est nu f(1) T fore too
    Chi/me dark to light C/Home light to dark _ sea, ole Port ‘eh

    have & helf, black et tan,
    wHEY t' fur the rigged barE, tinders of nut and dew.
    onDe leFt le femME noIre BB uRe gidde
    all weigh fael sLlabelLs

    Where the P/Toe is a reference to the p/tau method in Geophysics,
    and the beer references in the last few lines I think are again
    referring to a foam in part, and the onDe leFt is partly a reference
    to ondelettes (wavelets). I’ll try to interpret all of it someday
    but not tonight. (But there are multiple meanings, e.g. have & helf
    refers to Half and Half and also to Heaven and Hellfire and also to
    that Farside cartoon where the guys stranded on an island have
    helf in the sand instead of help, and are not rescued.)

    Ha, I’m just wasting time while waiting for something to be

    I am diagnosed bipolar type I since my first two episodes were
    a long low-level depression in 1986 and a clear-cut mania
    in the (waning crescent) first week of September, 1991, but some
    later episodes were such that I could have been diagnosed as
    schizoaffective. Because of that and because I want to
    reach schizophrenics, this is also posted to alt.support.schizoaffective
    and alt.support.schizophrenia. However I have set the
    Followup-To to alt.society.mental-health, but you can override
    that by adding or substituting another group you are reading
    this in if you wish (I am following all these low-traffic groups).

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