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    From Ron E Paul@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 9 12:37:26 2020
    As to the venue this illustrious venture in so far as it is possible
    coming from Los Angeles, some of the more prestigious colleges in
    Orange County where to begin, and would like to say VOXXX 1pm - 4pm.
    One day a week Mailing Address, Office Space, and Internet cheaply as
    possible. Novelty Goods, Products, and Services; A Self Addressed
    Stamped Envelope! Open the mind to other possibilities once irrefutable
    secrets revealed enhanced design techniques for optimum performance;
    ultimate Baud Power 0.65W wire wound 3bit busing 300 Ohms audio
    transformer; engineering the n! bridge system - s has the advantage of
    having a simple approach to the idea of dynamics. Homebrew Audiophile Aficionado Amateur Shortwave Bus Novice Electronic Circuitry
    Ingenuitive d/dt xt Transformer Design Technique State of the Art Solid
    State. Hi-fi Enthusiast 13.8Volts array 0.75Watts Aerial 2dB crossover networking!
    CDI #0M39344

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