From karlkash1015@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 6 10:05:38 2018
    Hoping someone could help me. Need schematics th-21fa8 panasonic tv..issue,,,japan tv...so its rechanneled as we call it...i repair it for sound trouble, and i fixted it...now,, channnek 7 turns out to be blurry with sound bar scanning vertically..
    owner claims tha it clear before i repaired it..i cnt fix it even i adjst the trimmer for rechannelling that was put by the one done the rechnnlling... I even discnnect the rechnnel componnts,,expcting to see good pic on 7, its just the sme...sound baRs
    still exist...hoping sme one exprt on this pls...tnx...

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