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    Good-day My name is Micah A. Frett and I am conducting research using your listserv to get this survey to the listserv's members. The survey involves requesting the views of the participants. Any more information that you might need is included in the
    following Informed Consent information. Please post the following information.

    Micah A. Frett.

    Your opinions are being requested for a study. Current practicum students and practicum enrolled students in Fall semester, 2017

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    Self Efficacy of Counselors-in-training concerning counseling older adult clients. Survey
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    Informed Consent

    This study is being done by Micah A. Frett who is a student in the College of Counseling, Psychology & Social Sciences at Argosy University-Sarasota working on a dissertation for the Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral degree. This study is a
    requirement to fulfill the researcher’s degree and will not be used for decision-making by any organization.

    The title of this study is CACREP Counselors’ In-Training Self-Efficacy Concerning Helping Older Adults. The purpose of this study is to assess self-efficacy in counselors-in-training concerning counseling older adults.

    I was asked to be in this study because I may match this study’s target population of counselors-in-training who are members of a listserve that focuses on counselors. If I agree to be in this study, I will be asked to complete a four question
    demographic section to assess if I meet the study qualifications. (If I don’t meet the study qualification I will not have to complete the rest of the survey). If I meet the research’s qualifications I will also be asked to complete a 37-item
    questionnaire adapted from the Counseling Self-Estimate Inventory (COSE)( Larsen, 1990; Larsen et, al 1992) . This instrument will measure my self-efficacy concerning counseling older adult clients. To complete both questionnaires will take less than
    twenty minutes to complete.

    The risks associated with this study are minimal. Emmanuel, Abdoler &Stunker (n.d), report that “research about surveys themselves has shown that surveys cause little stress” (p.8).The benefits of participation are to the counselor education
    profession as the information I share may assist counselor preparation programs to assess training and education related to counseling older adults.

    I will receive nothing for participating in this study.

    The information I provide will be treated confidentially, which means that nobody even the primary researcher or her dissertation committee will be able to tell who I am.

    The records of this study will be kept private. No words linking me to the study will be included in any sort of report that might be published.

    The records of this study will be stored securely and only the primary researcher Micah A. Frett, the dissertation committee Dr. B. Mustaine (chair) and Dr. S. Harney (member) will have access to the records.
    I have the right to get a summary of the results of this study if I would like to have them. I can get the summary by contacting the primary researcher Micah A. Frett by email mfrett@stu.argosy.edu.

    I understand that my participation is strictly voluntary. If I do not participate, it will not harm my relationship with the primary researcher, Micah A. Frett. If I decide to participate, I can refuse to answer any of the questions that may make me
    uncomfortable. I can quit at any time without my relations with the university, job, benefits, etc., being affected.

    I can contact Micah A. Frett (mfrett@stu.argosy.edu) , or Dr. Beverly Mustaine (bmustaine@argosy.edu) with any questions about this study.

    I understand that this study has been reviewed and Certified by the Institutional Review Board, Argosy University – Sarasota. For problems or questions regarding participants' rights, I can contact the Institutional Review Board at Argosy University –
    Sarasota 5250 17th Street Sarasota, FL 34235 .

    I have read and understand the explanation provided to me. I have had all my questions answered to my satisfaction, and I voluntarily agree to participate in this study. I have read the preceding informed consent information on this study that details
    the purpose and procedures for this research. I am completing this survey as evidence of my consent to be a voluntary participant in this research project. You may copy this consent for your records.

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