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    Psych on one page
    (A speculative, practical, heuristic approach)
    (c) 2019, 2015 Vasos Panagiotopoulos

    Animals are born with their minds fully formed and have instinct. Human brains form by age five to be more adaptible and develop two of the twelve personality types. When a crisis occurs, the personality type becomes a psychosis. (Antipsychotics treat intensity not type.) When this persists,
    the nerve pathways become engrained and harder to change, hence a personality disorder. Disorders are divided into serotonergic mood disorders (Histrionic, Obsessive) and dopaminergic thought disorders (schiz). DSM3 was the last categorisation before sexual correctness was enforced by lobbyist lawsuit. It is worth noting that some disfunction is a motivator and that a totally sane homoclite is as productive as cattle. Furthermore, neither opposites nor
    likes attract, but complements, people whose combined lacks and strengths multiply each other. The mind is hardware (nous), the personality is
    firmware (psyche, outer garment of skin) and the soul is software (pnevma).

    MASOCHIST: Fear Success, Seek Pain, Altruist, Artless, Nonjudgemental, Endurant, Resents being unappreciated. Typically monastic, peasant. Attila
    the nun was enraged her supposed sacrifices went unappreciated. Exploited by frightening. Encourage to demand and protest. Writes large, rounded, crosses
    t high. Likes Purple. Cingulate gyrus.

    OBSESSIVE: Perfectionist, Inflexible, Controlling, Indecisive, Hoarding, Undemonstrative. Overreact to real problems, absent mindedness prompts repetition. Typically accountant, engineer, hunter, shepherd. Streptococus/mycin induced. Dogs as pets. Strep/mycin. Born in mild
    weather. Mellows with alcohol. Encourage to enjoy, ignore,
    prioritise. Writes with open circles, round dots, no slant but angular
    shapes. Likes Brown, Blue. Cingulate gyrus, hypohippocampal.

    DEPENDENT: Affective, Seeks company, Fears alone, Unintimate, Deferring, Considerate. Typically housewife. Encourage to anger, opine, be self sufficient; Accompany them. Writes high endstrokes, rounded. Likes Purple, Blue. Cingulate gyrus, Hypofrontal, hypohippocampal.

    SCHIZOID: Indifferent, Unemotional, Aloof, Friendless. Encourage to
    observe emotions, express, endure. Writes left slanted, no endrstroke,
    small, crosses t lightly. Likes White, Yellow. Hypofrontal, hippocampal, hypoparietal.

    SCHIZOTYPAL: Idiosyncratic, Illusions, Superstitious, Visionary, Eccentric Odd. Random synapses fire awake as if dreaming hence confuse reality with fantasy. Typically mystic, homeless. Encourage to compromise, study differences, do for others. Writes tangles, no dots, frequent breaks, upward endstroke. Exploited by magical claims. Likes Blue. Hypofrontal, hypohippocampal, hypoparietal.

    SCHIZOPARANOID: Suspicious, Sneaky, Fears Inferiority, Perceptive,
    Vengeful, cheat, unlisted. Typically politician, academic, farmer. Bullock said Hitler and Stalin were narcissistic-paranoid. Denies/resists sci/psy. Cats as pets. Toxoplasmosis/Retrovirus HER-V. Born during worseningly cold weather. Violent from alcohol, mellow with tobacco. Encourage toleration and veiwing mistakes as unulterior. Writes small, narrow, knots on circular letters, tapered right slant. Likes Pink. Hypofrontal, hypoparietal.

    PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: Seeks "rights", feels is ok, Critical, Resistant, Work avoiding. Typically labor leader, bureaucrat. Autumn born. Encourage to make work fun and do now so free time later. Writes uneven spacing, pressure,
    slant Exploited by exaggerating rewards. Likes Yellow, Green. Temporal, hypohippocampal, hypocyngulate.

    HISTRIONIC: Flips mood, Seductive, Exaggerated, Shallow, Grudgeless, Kind, Flippant, Immediate Satisfaction, Seek Reassurance. Somatise into
    hypochondria or convert to dissociation (mood swings turn into personality swings). Born during warmest weather. Birds as pets. Typically abused,
    actor, teacher, islander. Promiscuity and homosexuality manifest the need to find a nurturing substitute for an abusive parent. Dissociates into multiple personalities when abusive stress is unbearable. Encourage to reassure,
    plan. Writes with variable slant and size and large lower loops. Likes
    Green. Hypohippocampal, frontal, parietal, temporal, hypocyngulate.

    BORDERLINE: Affective, Angry, Bored, Mood flipping, Unstable,
    Suicidal. Typically Creative. PTSD? Encourage to study others and
    deintensify. Need directed calm and order. Writes rounded m, n. Likes
    Purple. Frontal, parietal, hypohippocampal, temporal, hypocyngulate.

    NARCISIST: Entitled, Expects Success, Exploitative, Envious, Intolerant, Lemming, Typically financier. Encourage see own faults, seek criticism, ask others about selves. Writes wide loops, uphill, arcade. Likes Blue,
    Green. Prefrontal, hypohippocampal, temporal, parietal, cyngulate.

    SADISTIC: Disciplinarian, Gutsy, Expedient, Cruel, Intimidating. Typically military, police, journalist. Reptiles as pets. Encourage compromise and toleration, discourage anger and bossiness. Writes blotchy, heavy downward t cross, left slant. Likes Red. Prefrontal.

    SOCIOPATH: Reckless, remorseless, Vandal, Cruel, Impulsive,
    Dishonest. Typically criminal. Lack of physically stronger adult leaves adolescent aggression unchecked. Testosterone. ADD. Encourage worry,
    consider, protect, plan. Writes left open and hooked, blotchy, tight t, no initial stroke. Likes Black. Prefrontal, temporal, hypocungulate.

    People block facts inconsistent with their core beliefs (Wildavsky 1982&1987). Paranoid individualists think their opponents are all from the
    deep state. Narcisistic egalitarians think all their opponents form a
    criminal mafia cabal opposed to mamma state. Obsessive hierarchicals think anyone against them is a demonic heretic. Passive aggressive fatalists think everything is rigged.

    Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky warned how we are blinded by heuristic biases, which make decisions faster, but not always better. Attribute substitution substitutes a more easily calculated heuristic attribute. Availability bias relies on immediate examples. Anchoring uses the most
    recent information. We prefer avoiding losses almost twice than acquiring gains. Framing excludes information that appears out of contaxt. Hindsight thinks events were more predictable than they were. Accepted theories often blind us to extremes. Yuval Hariri says humans are the only animal that puts ideas ahead of reality. Ideology is idolatry, teh curse of the Eden apple.

    Maslow postulated that needs have hierarchy (Food, Shelter, Family, Neighbors, Self-esteem, Self-actualization, then Transcendence. Nations exceeding 1980 $300 GDP/capita demand democracy because they have risen in Maslow's hierarchy, nations falling become politically chaotic. Viktor
    Frankl's 1946 Search for Meaning argued the way a concentration prisoner imagined the future affected his longevity. Waterloo neuroscientist Colin Ellard argues city dwellers have a 40% increased risk of depression and
    double the rate of schizophrenia. Faris & Dunham (1939) showed psychiatric ailments are more prominant in city dwellers arguing it was caused by deprivation. Vassos & Pedersen (2012) confirmed this. But perhaps only when
    one is sufficiently high in the maslovian scale does one get mentally ill.

    Ref: Personality: Oldham & Morris 1990; Handwritting: Byrd 1982; Color:
    Stober 2000, Schaie 1966, Birren 1973; Socarides; Aristotle; Colin deYoung

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