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    Psychoanalysis at the crossroad

    Description: To avoid conceptual isolation, a clarification of metapsychological assumptions is called for. Knowledge of the
    unconscious belongs in public consciousness.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/psychemp.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Conflict Theory

    Description: Charles Brenner's 'Conflict Theory' is neurotic, as such.
    It cannot function as a model of the normal psyche, where conscious and unconscious are separated.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/brenner.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Limits of Science

    Description: A scientific outlook requires that we accept metaphysical postulates insufficient for creating a full-fledged worldview. Ultimate
    truth must be sought within.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/science.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Plastic Preachers - on inferior psychology and religion

    Description: The modern collective spirit has brought forth a
    personality capable of transforming any genuine subject matter into
    plastic. These are the false preachers.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/plastic.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Morphic Deception

    Description: Pseudoscientific New Age philosophy, advanced by thinkers
    such as Rupert Sheldrake and Ken Wilber, is a blind alley in the world
    of theory.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/sheldrake.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Creativity - the unconscious source of the creative spirit

    Description: There exists an unconscious form of creativity that
    complements our daytime activity -- a spiritual power that ever searches
    to manifest itself in human life.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/creativity.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Rock Music Lyric Interpretation

    Description: An attempt at interpretation of rock lyrics: 'The Hill and Hibiscus Flowers' by Steve Harley.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/the_hill.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Colour is objective mind - the grass really is green and the heavens
    really are blue

    Description: Critique is directed against lingering philosophical
    Idealism and its counterpart, namely rationalistic physicalism.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/objcolour.htm ________________________________________________________________

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