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    As soon as a psychological problem is detected in the population, it is
    often denoted a "syndrome", and it soon gets a DSM code, as if it were a neurological or hormonal problem. One example is the "Impostor
    Syndrome". This is common among careerist women, who, despite great accomplishments, are plagued with a feeling that they are fakes.

    Back in the psychoanalytic days, one analyzed the root cause of ailments
    as a *psychological complex*, that is, as a problem deriving from the unconscious. So, for instance, this "syndrome" might have something to
    do with "persona identification", which means that the ego identifies
    too strongly with its role in society and therefore loses contact with
    inner factors rooted in instinct. This might be especially damaging to
    women who tend to be more "earthly", which means that they have an inner
    demand of attachment to the concrete and personal sides of existence
    rather than existing in the abstract and ethereal realm of theory.

    So I theorize that careerism among women would result in a lack of
    earthly attachment which in turn would stir a feeling of inner
    emptiness, i.e., they would experience themselves as fakes and not as
    real women. To make this kind of theoretical realization is in itself
    helpful for individuals who suffer from an unconscious complex. Indeed,
    yoga and mindfulness meditation could be seen as a re-attachment to
    Mother Earth.

    The conclusion is that we mustn't abandon the psychological way of understanding personal difficulties, because it can be resolved with
    therapy and self-analysis, rather than eating more medicines. This has
    another benefit, namely that we needn't blame the "patriarchy" for
    creating "structures" that are damaging to women.

    Mats Winther

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