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    The notion of *individuation* was invented as a counterweight to the
    paradigm of worldly success. It means that personal development is more important than financial success and social status, although it doesn't
    exclude the latter. Individuation means a focus on conscious development in
    the psychological sense. The goal is to become a harmonious individual, to acquire the wholeness which is called the Self. It necessitates a continual relation to the unconscious. So individuation is essentially the same as focusing on "intrinsic goals". Yet, individuation is also afflicted by modernity, because it revolves very much around *conscious* improvement. I think that we must at a point in time abandon also the goal of completeness
    and begin to negate many profane obsessions, including conscious betterment. This concurs with the time-honoured ideal of *spiritual* development. I
    discuss individuation here: http://mlwi.magix.net/individuation.htm

    Mats Winther

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