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    'Complementation'  is put forward as an enhancement of the ruling
    paradigm in psychology. It is defined as the reversion of libido
    (psychic energy) into a relatively unconscious state associated with spirituality. It corresponds to the practice of 'unknowing' in the contemplative tradition of negative theology ('via negativa'). The
    one-sided focus on unconscious integration has deleterious consequences
    as libido is expected to flow perpetually in the conscious direction. Eventually, it becomes an impediment to individuation. Carl Jung's book
    "Answer to Job" is criticized from this perspective. There are also
    destructive consequences for society when notions of integration and
    wholeness manifest as cultural radicalism and Neo-Marxist ideology. 'Incarnation'  is the theological analogue of integration. It is counterbalanced by the glorification of God, which is equally essential.
    The religious sacrifice caters for the spirit. Psychology ought to give
    similar attention to unconscious replenishment. Complementation is
    associated with the praxis of mystical tradition, central to which is abstemious conduct and social withdrawal.

    Keywords : Gnosticism, alchemy, scintilla, sacrifice, disidentification, Neo-Paganism, Man of Sorrows, St Anselm, satisfaction atonement, sexual
    cult, Answer to Job.

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