• Unistrut Sizes and Channels

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    Many manufacturers offer Unistrut sizes in various quantities. The standard length of this channel is ten feet. You can also buy it in lengths of up to sixteen feet. For shipping, you will need to use a flat bed or box truck. If you want a smaller
    quantity, you may consider cutting the Unistrut in half before ordering it. Most distributors only charge for the full length, so you should ask for a custom cut if necessary.

    For construction projects, you can choose from the three most common sizes: 10', 20', and 13/16" narrow. The engineering catalog for Unistrut features the three main channel widths: A-series, miniature 13/16", and miniature. Choosing the right size for
    your application is easy when you know the length, width, and color of your Unistrut. If you have a specific width in mind, you can choose pre galvanized Unistrut. This material is zinc-coated and is recommended for outdoor and indoor applications.

    Unistrut Channels are available in three different channel widths. The smallest A-series is 1-5/8" wide and has an A-Series profile. The A-Series has a miniature 13/16" profile. You can also get pre-galvanized Unistrut. This material has undergone a hot
    dip process to coat the steel strip with zinc. This is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor construction.


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