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    No, it shows how poorly and "on purpose" the MMPI gets misused and abused by people especially looking and sniffing blood of behavior science for abuse as actual abusers.

    A false positive is not a T score elevation or a "gee, check for schizophrenia while you at it" on MMPI interpretation.

    They obviously used criteria that if one of these Army veterans had so much as one T score elevation a "true positive" or "false positive" result is seen. That is how the MMPI is misused, perhaps for abuse purposes:


    ...shows that over 70% of normal persons have at least one T score elevation ....

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    The Clinical Neuropsychologist
    Volume 29, 2015 - Issue 1

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    Clinical Issues
    Reaffirming normal: The high risk of pathologizing healthy adults when interpreting the MMPI-2-RF
    Anthony P. Odland,Andrew B. Lammy,Jonathan G. Perle,Phillip K. Martin &Christopher L. Grote
    Pages 38-52 | Received 15 Sep 2014, Accepted 05 Jan 2015, Published online: 02 Feb 2015
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    Monte Carlo simulations were utilized to determine the proportion of the normal population expected to have scale elevations on the MMPI-2-RF when multiple scores are interpreted. Results showed that when all 40 MMPI-2-RF scales are simultaneously
    considered, approximately 70% of normal adults are likely to have at least one scale elevation at or above 65T, and as many as 20% will have five or more elevated scales. When the Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales are under consideration, 34% of normal
    adults have at least one elevated score. Interpretation of the Specific Problem Scales and Personality Psychopathology Five Scales – Revised also yielded higher than expected rates of significant scores, with as many as one in four normal adults
    possibly being miscategorized as having features of a personality disorder by the latter scales. These findings are consistent with the growing literature on rates of apparently abnormal scores in the normal population due to multiple score
    interpretation. Findings are discussed in relation to clinical assessment, as well as in response to recent work suggesting that the MMPI-2-RF’s multiscale composition does not contribute to high rates of elevated scores."

    It is the test and how it compares to the normal behavior group and in compare to the psychiatric ill. It's that easy. If on one test abnormal and normal crossover, then simply for rule in or rule out, add another test for accuracy. Hence, MMPI abnormal
    and normal scores plus MMPI normal scores is a normal scoring person.

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