• Critique of Conflict Theory

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    "Critique of Conflict Theory"

    Abstract: 'Conflict theory' (psychoanalytic) mirrors the chaotic
    configuration of the borderline psyche. Charles Brenner has effectively discarded the separate psychic layers of conscious and unconscious. The
    stream of outer and inner information is loosely connected, mirroring
    the instability and contradictory nature of the borderline psyche, as
    opposed to the more hierarchical and austere configuration of drives
    and perceptions among normal people. It is an apt example of a
    "neurotic theory", since it cannot function as a model of the normal
    psyche. Conflict theory is irreconcilable with neuroscience as well as classical psychoanalysis and analytical psychology.

    Keywords: compromise formation, structural model, language philosophy, indeterminacy, post-structuralism, Freud, Giegerich.

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    Mats Winther

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