• The biological psychology of womankind

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    The most important thing for a man is to have _instinct._ Women tend to
    reject men who they fear suffer from instinctual atrophy. Yet, more
    often than not, the weak appearance of a young man depends on
    psychological factors. It creates problems, because women have an
    instinctual fear that the male in question is a moral weakling who
    couldn't fend for a family. After all, moral power is very much
    connected with instinct. So what women primarily worry about is whether
    a man is self-assured or not. There are so many "Caspar Milquetoasts"
    around, and women are fed up with them. The hardworking male is also
    annoyed by them, because they are a cause of irritation at the
    workplace. Such men have no backbone.

    Women prefer men who have validated themselves by having acquired
    "popularity" among women. Already having lived with a woman is only a
    plus. Especially if he has been dating a beautiful woman with high
    social standing, then his value increases on the marital market. This is
    how women function at a psychological level. It is more about the "functionality" and "market value" of a man. It has not much to do with
    either sex or love. In keeping with their deep roots in instinctual
    nature, women are decidedly more collectivistic than men, afraid of
    being left out. If the male has high social status then he has good
    instincts and is healthy. It is much similar to how it functions in the
    animal kingdom. So it's a stupid method of discrimination. It explains
    why women so often end up marrying men who are psychopaths or
    narcissists. Haslam and Montrose find that "[the] narcissistic
    personality, whilst having many negative qualities, possesses qualities associated with status and resource provision" (Haslam & Montrose, 2015).

    Yet, today's frivolous sexual morality means that something valuable is
    lost. The main reason why so many marriages fail today is because women
    have had several sexual relationships before marriage. In earlier times, married couples often lived in a loving relationship all their lives.
    This seldom happens today. People are clearly missing out on something priceless. This devout form of marital relationship is what Jesus wanted
    to bolster by introducing such a stern view of sexual morality. Also
    Freud supported self-restrainment, but for other reasons.

    It depends on the fragmentation of the psyche occurring from having had
    several intimate relationships in life. It's like the soul becomes compartmentalized, because the previous relations remain in a drawer in
    the soul, always usurping energy. This is evident from the fact that
    dreams of previous partners occur and that they often keep in contact. _Compartmentalization_ is an unnatural and unwholesome psychological
    condition. Psychotherapists should be aware of this, that people are
    damaged by life itself. They are losing their natural wholeness.

    It is true that there are women who are more sophisticated than how I
    portray it, yet at some level we are instinctual creatures--deep within
    we are animals. In the animal kingdom, females only reckon with the
    market value of the male. They try to ascertain whether or not the male
    has strong instincts and good health. If the male gets a good
    evaluation, then they are good to go. This "animal side" is very
    important among female homo sapiens. It has to do with the fact that the
    female invests so much in the progeny. She needs an affirmation that the children will turn out strong and healthy, otherwise her genetic lineage
    will end with her and her children.

    So what we call "love" really revolves around economic and social
    status. But the famous medieval "love story" of Abelard and Heloise was
    really only about sex. According to the preserved letters they practiced
    all forms of sex out of wedlock. Her family required that they marry,
    but neither of them wanted to. So they made an arrangement where she
    became a nun, yet maintained sexual relations. When the family found
    out, they realized that the only way to get his penis out of her was to castrate him, which they did. Heloise stayed in the nunnery, but her
    letters bear witness to that she couldn't focus on the Mass because she
    was thinking about sex all the time.

    My point is that we often idealize relations and call it "love",
    although it has nothing to do with it.

    M. Winther


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