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    The Self in Historical Light - Iamblichus versus Porphyry

    Description: The Neoplatonic and the modern ideals of Self are discussed
    and criticized, such as the Freudian primal Self and the post-Jungian
    puerile Self.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/iamblichus.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Individuation

    Description: Individuation as the process of maturation is connected
    with the way of the spirit. The ego abandonment of spiritual tradition
    must be taken seriously.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/individuation.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Boardgame Mandala

    Description: Board game patterns portray cultural transformations in the collective psyche in the form of mandala shapes pertaining to the whole numbers, such as three and four.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/boardgam1.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Upward and Downward Paths of the Spirit

    Description: Psychology's one-sided focus on the integration of the
    unconscious must be counterbalanced by a traditional notion of spiritual ascent.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/projection.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Ethical Complementarity - a Complementarian Moral Theory

    Description: Complementarity, as employed in quantum physics, is
    relevant to moral philosophy. The moral of the heart is complementary to
    a view that equates evil with disorder.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/morality.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Spirit and Psyche ~ Complementary Paradigms

    Description: Various spiritual traditions are discussed, including
    Hermeticism. Psychology must accommodate spiritual transcendence as counterweight to the worldly perspective.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/spiritual_paradigm.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Spiritual Method - complementation as spiritual writing

    Description: Complementation, as opposed to psychological integration, underlies a spiritual technique that requires a toning down of dominant consciousness.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/spiritualmethod.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Bergman themes - leitmotives in the films of Ingmar Bergman

    Description: A discussion of central themes in Ingmar Bergman's films.
    The article discusses social and existential misery and its spiritual

    http://mlwi.magix.net/bergman.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Jung and Swedenborg: modern Neoplatonists

    Description: Carl Jung's indebtedness to Neoplatonism and Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg is demonstrated. The ideal of worldly fulfilment is criticized.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/neoplatonism.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Complementation in Psychology

    Description: 'Complementation' is the opposite of 'integration'. It
    means the reversion of psychic libido into an unconscious state
    associated with spirituality.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/complementation.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Synchronicity

    Description: Carl Jung's idea of synchronicity is criticized. A concept
    of Self as both worldly and spiritual ought to be substituted for the
    unitarian model.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/synchronicity.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Jungian concepts in the light of quantum physics

    Description: About quantum physics and whether or not it sustains a
    Platonic worldview, the 'psychoid' archetype, and synchronicity. The
    nature of mind is discussed.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/quantumbrain.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Puer Aeternus - underminer of civilization

    Description: The puer aeternus (Peter Pan) is a mythological image that
    also denotes a mother complex connected with psychological rootlessness.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/puer.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Complementation in fairytales

    Description: Interpretation of a fairy tale (The Golden Blackbird)
    following 'psychological complementation', having to do with
    augmentation of unconscious life.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/blackbird.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Dark Shadow Of The Quaternity - a critique of the Jungian unitarian Self

    Description: A critique of Carl Jung's Self model centering on his
    dreams and visions. 'Complementation' is forwarded as counterpart to psychological integration.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/crucifixion.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Complementarian Self - the Twofold Self

    Description: The psychological Self is both this-worldly and
    otherworldly following the principle of complementarity. It coincides
    with the theological view of Christ.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/compself.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Blood Sacrifice - its symbolism and psychology

    Description: Victimization is analyzed as an archaic method of ego
    emancipation by which the transgressor's unconscious suffering is
    transferred to the victim.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/bloodsac.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Symbolic Poverty - on the capacity of relating symbolically with life

    Description: Absent the symbolical relation to 'dark nature' and natural
    evil, Western man eschews suffering, finding appeal in idealistic
    illusions of earthly welfare.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/symbolic1.htm ________________________________________________________________

    An intrusion of matriarchal consciousness

    Description: The collective mind is reverting to matriarchal
    conceptions, abandoning traditional Western values that allow for 'differences'. It leads to cultural neurosis.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/matriarchal.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Dependency in the analytic relationship

    Description: Three cases of psychological dependency, in analysands of
    C.G. Jung, are investigated. Their dreams show that personal
    emancipation is pivotal.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/dependency.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The animistic archetypal nature of the unconscious

    Description: The unconscious has an animistic structure. Therefore
    Platonic Forms or Jungian archetypes are essential concepts to have
    knowledge of the unconscious.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/animism.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Burning Issue: Race and Racialism

    Description: Racial strife continues. Research finds that racial
    awareness is innate, which explains why multiculturalism and
    'colour-blindness' are ineffective.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/racial_problem.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Insights into the Race Issue

    Description: Is 'race' still relevant for understanding the human
    condition? Refusal to acknowledge racial differences engenders an
    unconscious ethnoracial complex.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/raceinsight.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Understanding European psychology

    Description: The mind of the typical modern European is very much a
    product of medieval times. The Middle Ages has endowed us with valuable
    mental gifts.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/interiority.htm ________________________________________________________________

    A Critique of Feminism - on Women's Collective Shadow

    Description: Women harbour a secret wish to remain in dependency,
    subordinated to a strong man. It is exacerbated by the feminist call to
    cast off feminine nature.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/feminismcrit.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Two psychoanalytic methods

    Description: Psychoanalysis ought not always strive to resolve the
    unconscious problem. A higher expression must instead be sought for the 'irresolvable complex'.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/twoanalyses.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Mysterium Iniquitatis - the mystery of evil

    Description: By an archaic means of ego emancipation, the transgressor's unconscious suffering is transferred to the victim. It aims at

    http://mlwi.magix.net/iniquitatis.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Cognitive Science and the Archetypal Unconscious

    Description: Can cognitive science and its notion of innate unconscious metaphor inform Jungian psychology? Transcendental philosophy is criticized.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/cognitive.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Thanatos - a contribution to the understanding of the collective shadow

    Description: Thanatos (the death drive) is an inner compulsion that
    protects against unconscious wholeness during which the borders of
    personality are dangerously dissolved.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/thanatos.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Complementaris Mundus - a complementarian metaphysic

    Description: The world is both material and spiritual. Yet, in
    accordance with the complementarity principle, it is not experiential as
    a dual world.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/dualmetaphysic.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The real meaning of the motif of the dying god

    Description: The mythic theme of the dying god depicts the mystery of incarnation, symbolic of the propitious and liberating function of
    conscious realization.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/archetypes.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Unconscious Spiritual Nature

    Description: What is the nature of 'spirit'? From dreams we can deduce
    that it ever searches to manifest via the unconscious, through
    mysterious symbol.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/spiritfish.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Sphinxlike Unconscious

    Description: Like the enigmatic sphinx, the unconscious is ultimately unknowable. There is inside us a longing for archaic wholeness,
    equatable with primary narcissism.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/sphinx.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The psychodynamics of terrorism

    Description: Terrorism springs from an archaic psychic economy of sin transference. Its connection with the death drive and the historical
    blood sacrifice is discussed.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/terror.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Hero worship

    Description: The hero archetype provides the impetus for personal
    emancipation. Conflictingly, it gives rise to hubristic expansionism, to
    the detriment of heartfelt values.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/hero.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Neo-Hegelianism

    Description: Critique is directed against Hegelianism and its
    continuation in Marxist and postmodern philosophy. The myth of modernity
    severs our roots in the natural order.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/beastrev.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The penitential disease - neither psychic nor somatic?

    Description: There are many handicapping illnesses that defy
    explanation. It is suggested that these spring from existential stress
    present in the collective unconscious psyche.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/penitential.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of idealistic phenomenologism

    Description: The philosophy of idealistic phenomenology has a
    continuance in post-Jungian theory, which continues to peddle

    http://mlwi.magix.net/romanyshyn.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Romantic Flight from Reality

    Description: In 'Misinterpretation of Man', Paul Roubiczek formulates a valuable critique of Romantic times and thought, highly topical for
    today's world.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/roubiczek.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Archetypal Psychology

    Description: James Hillman's Archetypal Psychology reinterprets the
    archetype according to phenomenology and furthers an amoral and
    aesthetic worldview.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/hillmcrit.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Winnicott's Dream - a Critique of Winnicott's Thought as a Form of
    Mystical Narcissism

    Description: Donald Winnicott's theory mirrors typical features of the narcissistic disorder, such as recurrent destruction and subject-object

    http://mlwi.magix.net/winni.htm ________________________________________________________________

    About group narcissism

    Description: Group narcissism is discussed. The notions of a 'healthy' narcissism and a 'natural narcissistic spectrum' are criticized.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/groupnarc.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Golden Blackbird

    Description: An interpretation of fairy tale 'The Golden Blackbird'
    according to Marie-Louise von Franz's method.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/golden.htm ________________________________________________________________

    A constructive critique of the structural model in psychoanalysis

    Description: Critique is directed against Freud's structural model that generalizes an Oedipal pattern. The psyche is built around many more

    http://mlwi.magix.net/compstruc.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Intersubjectivity

    Description: Intersubjectivity implies an involvement on the unconscious
    level. But psychotherapy should not work toward a relative merger of our conscious personalities.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/intersubj.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The ongoing self-destruction of psychoanalysis

    Description: The theoretical chaos in psychoanalysis depends on an
    insufficient metaphysical groundwork. Empirical science must be
    buttressed by a metaphysical foundation.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/destruc.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The case of "Dora"

    Description: An attempt at reinterpretation of Freud's famous case of

    http://mlwi.magix.net/dora.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Edinger – the ego prophet

    Description: In Edward F. Edinger's analysis of religious and alchemical
    themes the symbolic value is depleted as symbols are subjected to
    onesided intellectualization.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/edeng.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Psychoanalysis at the crossroad

    Description: To avoid conceptual isolation, a clarification of metapsychological assumptions is called for. Knowledge of the
    unconscious belongs in public consciousness.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/psychemp.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Critique of Conflict Theory

    Description: Charles Brenner's 'Conflict Theory' is neurotic, as such.
    It cannot function as a model of the normal psyche, where conscious and unconscious are separated.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/brenner.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Limits of Science

    Description: A scientific outlook requires that we accept metaphysical postulates insufficient for creating a full-fledged worldview. Ultimate
    truth must be sought within.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/science.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Plastic Preachers - on inferior psychology and religion

    Description: The modern collective spirit has brought forth a
    personality capable of transforming any genuine subject matter into
    plastic. These are the false preachers.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/plastic.htm ________________________________________________________________

    The Morphic Deception

    Description: Pseudoscientific New Age philosophy, advanced by thinkers
    such as Rupert Sheldrake and Ken Wilber, is a blind alley in the world
    of theory.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/sheldrake.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Creativity - the unconscious source of the creative spirit

    Description: There exists an unconscious form of creativity that
    complements our daytime activity -- a spiritual power that ever searches
    to manifest itself in human life.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/creativity.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Rock Music Lyric Interpretation

    Description: An attempt at interpretation of rock lyrics: 'The Hill and Hibiscus Flowers' by Steve Harley.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/the_hill.htm ________________________________________________________________

    Colour is objective mind - the grass really is green and the heavens
    really are blue

    Description: Critique is directed against lingering philosophical
    Idealism and its counterpart, namely rationalistic physicalism.

    http://mlwi.magix.net/objcolour.htm ________________________________________________________________

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