• Sado Masochism Researchers, Scientific help required

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for Scientific experts on the field of Sado Masochism.
    Especially on the field of Masochism.

    Is there somebody out there that could help?

    I Need somebody who can Point me to researches or articles around following Topics:

    - Correlation SM paraphelia with event of Bipolar Disorder in life
    - Correlation SM with borderline tendencys.
    - Correlation SM with Narcistic personality disorder.
    - Socio-Psychopathic deseases influenced by Sado-Masochism
    - Impact of SM on ability to enter partnerships. Partnership quality.
    - Analysis of Functional transfers illusional and natural functional transfers (see David Snarch) in SM Partnership and the conflict between.
    - Influence of Empathy on SM Relations and vica versa.
    - Influence of Masochistic Individuals on increasing volitility to get Fearpsychosis with aging.
    - Influence of SM trances and Adrenalin compensation of the Dopamin/Serotonin deficit.
    - Influence Masochism and development Motorical Disorders/ Parkinson
    - Negative effects of SM and the Psychogical inversions of natural experience on Success and quality of life.
    Effects of Psychological inversions of the social surrounding / Narcistic behaviour

    - Trance (Sexual or by music) state in Nerves. Amplitude und Eigenvalue measurements of electrical signals
    in SM Sessions. Comparence with fear situation and effects on nervous system.

    Or is there anyone I can Support doing Research on These Topics?



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