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    Circa 1995 I bought, used, a noise source for wall testing (compact loudspeaker to create 100+dBA pink noise). It had a remote control so that I could be anywhere in the vicinity and switch it on and off at will. The speaker unit is a Tracoustics NC-100

    A few months ago, I found the hand-held remote control missing; likely left on a construction site somewhere; it's as good as gone. So I need to replace it; I'm looking for a replacement. It's radio, but I know neither the carrier frequency nor the
    necessary modulation. First though was the 27.255 MhZ, but not knowing the necessary modulation is a bummer on top of that. It's been suggested that the power cord be remoted, which helps somewhat in a pinch.

    But I really need full remote control. Someone having knowledge of the actual remote design or better yet one for remotes itself..

    More recently, I found a remote control ac power switch which may work in its place. However, it may have poorer building penetration capability (needed to switch power amp on and off through thick walls and at some distance). Its battery is tiny and
    12 volts, implying that is is not as efficient in the field as the original remote; so I'm still looking.


    Later (Sett'17):
    No good answer here. Never have recovers that lost remote. So I went on the Internet to find a remote accessory comprising a short extension unit having the receiver built in ans a remote control that uses an off-beat miniature 12V battery. It switches
    all the AC, so "ON" and "OFF" are not instantaneous, but a second or two or three. I'm sure that the transmitter/receiver works in the VHF or higher band (100MHZ+) which will penetrate fewer walls; 300' is out of the question. I have now used it in a few
    buildings where the distance is about 50', and it works OK. Found a place to buy spare batteries, so I'm OK for common architectural acoustics tests. I can live with it....

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