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    Le 06/04/2024 à 09:03, Thomas Heger a écrit :
    'relativity' is actually an undisputable fact, because everything moves relative to something else.

    It's such a simple fact, that hardly anybody can reject it.

    There exist another view, which is based on Newton's absolute space,
    which would allow to defince velocity in respect to the universe.

    This view is actually the position of Einstein in SRT, even if it is self-contradicting.

    We can see this in the use of velocity v without definition of a
    reference point, in respect to which velocity is measured.

    This statement of yours is utterly wrong: in Einstein paper v is,
    as it always been in physics since Galileo by the way, ALWAYS
    defined with respect to a specific frame of reference.

    Your abilities to misunderstand things are amazing Thomas.

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